The INO Stock Seems to Be Jumping At Quite A Pace


The shares of INO Stock seemed to be jumping at about 10.5% on Friday. And this comes up as quite surprising because the company hadn’t declared any recent developments. But this gain by the INO stock can be attributed to the optimism that investors have displayed while this company moves ahead with the vaccines. 

What Do the Investors Have to Say About the INO Stock?

But interestingly, investors don’t really care much about bigger gains or losses- or rather any news post-Thanksgiving. Any jump, therefore, can be construed as mere noise on a low-volume trading day after Thanksgiving. What is of essence is to see how far the prospects grow for the INO stock. Here, it is to be mentioned that the growth prospects of this company don’t merely depend on just one candidate. Rather, investors have been focusing their attention heavily on the INO-4800. The results of this vaccine would be really important in the stocks for this biotech company. 

Other programs that the INO stock is concerned with involve the VGX-3100- something that has been upheld as the newest thing in treating cervical dysplasia. In other spheres, the INO-501 has already gained massive footholds in treating glioblastoma muliforme- a type of brain cancer that can be really aggressive. 

But currently, the INO stock has been working overtime to bring a resolution to the remaining questions from the FDA regarding the Cellectra 2000 that will be used to deliver the vaccines. And it is quite important that they settle the interrogation with the FDA, for that would lead to the continuation of their trial vaccine. The company would also have to see that the results of phase 2 are positive- as that will be quite necessary for advancing the experimental vaccine.