The New Monthly Stimulus Checks: All That Is To Know

stimulus check
stimulus check

The majority of Americans are still enthusiastic about the status of the government about a fourth stimulus check, after receiving the previous third one in March. However, not much has been said about the upcoming direct payment, especially when the fourth stimulus check might come. So here is a compilation of all that is known.

The Possibility Of Another Stimulus Check

The administration of President Biden has yet to assign any direct deposit payments to any of the present latest economic plans. These plans have the primary focus on education and infrastructure. However, they have not yet eliminated completely the possibility of additional stimulus checks in the coming days for American citizens.

During a press conference in June, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden has his ears open for any thoughts regarding stimulus checks. This indicates that even if the payments are not being discussed right now, there might be future talks held about it.

At that time, Psaki said that Biden will happily hear about different ideas regarding the effectiveness and importance of a growing economy. However, his present goal is getting more people to return to work so that the future can see America become more competitive,

Even though the administration is yet to indicate what it considers as a viable stimulus check plan, Americans have devised their own. The most popular one is an online petition. The petition asks for automatic payments in the event of a worldwide crisis like the current pandemic, not just for this one. The payments will be automatically approved with the need for Congress.

But some relief is heading the way of the citizens. The most recent one will be the expanded Child Tax Credit. However, inflation has increased massively and as a result, such one-time minor payments will possibly not be much help.