The Release of the watchOS 7 has Resulted in the Removal of the Force Touch Support- Here’s How How it Will Affect Things

watchOS 7

The release of the watchOS 7 has brought about several important changes with the Apple Watch. While on one hand, they have put in new features such as sleep tracking, and new watch faces, they have also removed features like Force Touch Gesture. Now, the conundrum stands that Apple Watch users have grown accustomed to the Force Touch Gesture. So removing it could bring out some massive changes. 

What is Force Touch Support, and Why is watchOS 7 removing it?

watchOS 7

The Force Touch Support system has been quite an integral part of the Apple Watch. When a user kept the pressure on the watch dial, the technology of Force Touch would activate. This would lead to the device reading the extra exerted pressure and displaying additional information. In the recent watchOS 7, Apple has conveniently done away with this system- thereby negating the Force Touch Support gaskets in earlier models. 

But there’s nothing to fret about. 

Here are the Brand New Features that watchOS 7 Brings With itself in the absence of the Force Touch Support

Clearing All Notifications

watchOS 7

The newest Apple OS would allow you to remove all notifications from your watch by simply using a Force Touch gesture. After all, there are times when the amount of notifications gets too much to bear, and their deletion would serve the purpose. 

Removing and Creating Watch Faces

watchOS 7

If you want to add a face to any contact, you can still do it by clicking onto the Photos app on your Apple Watch- and then select a photo. But, this time around, you won’t be able to do it simply by pressing hard on the screen. You need to click on the Create Watch face, and then select Photos. 

Composing a New Message

Instead of the Force Touch Gesture, you simply have to swipe down the message list to find the option that says ‘New Message’. 

Changing the Move Goal, or Setting Up a Summary For Weekly Activity

Instead of pressing firmly on the dial, you will need to look for distinct buttons that would allow you to check up on how much you have moved the entire week. With the new watchOS 7 in place, if you want to change your calorie burn limit, you need to go through that the same way. 

Sharing Location With Another Contact

Previously you would be able to share your location with a contact mid-conversation by simply pressing hard on the screen. Now, the new watchOS 7 will have you searching for them at the bottom of the screen- just below Instant Replies. 

List View to App Grid View

Previously, you could simply press firmly on the dial to change the app view from List to Grid and vice-versa. The current watchOS 7 will require you to find the options in the Settings app. 

The features that watchOS 7 has brought in might get a little tricky in the beginning, but it would soon turn out to be second nature just like the Force Touch Technology. Who knows, there might be a couple of Easter Eggs when navigating the Apple Watch?