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The Stimulus Check Is Still On The Way? IRS Can Help You Track It

The IRS tracker for the stimulus check has the name “Get My Payment”. With it, you should be able to remain updated on the third stimulus check’s status. That is if it is still on the way for you.

Payments of over 163 million checks have now been sent out by the IRS. The payments have been going on since March. The process is scheduled to continue till this year ends. However, if you are yet to receive your latest round of stimulus checks, then you can use the tool by the IRS to check on your payment status. Of course, you must be qualified for the payment. The tracker tool will also let you know of possible delays to the stimulus check worth $1400.

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The United States Postal Service and the IRS tracking tools are the best options if you will be receiving an EIP card or a paper check. Both of them will tell you of their status. If there are reasons for you to suspect a lost or missing payment, you will need to place a request to trace the payment.

Furthermore, an additional “plus-up” amount can also be owed to you by the IRS. This will happen if the tax agency has undervalued how much you should be getting for the third stimulus check.

The tracker tool from the IRS is undoubtedly helpful. But it might also be complicated at times. The error messages can be confusing. Moreover, not everything that you need to know may not be available in the tool. Fret not though because help is here.

Stimulus check
Stimulus check
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Furthermore, there are more options available if any of the three stimulus checks did not reach you, provided you fit the eligibility criterion. The additional “plus-up” amount should also arrive automatically without you needing to fix the tax form. As such, the payment can also be tracked by using the RRC (Recovery Rebate Credit).

When Should You Start Thinking That The Stimulus Check Is Missing?

The latest stimulus check is currently in the process of being sent out. So, it would be fine if you wait for a while longer. However, if the first two stimulus checks have not arrived either yet, then it is time to start searching for it. Essentially, file a claim in the payment trace system of the IRS.

The timing to take action, as per the IRS, is determined from the time the IRS sends you the message confirming its delivery. As such if the amount is being deposited directly, the IRS says to wait for 5 days. For paper checks being mailed to the usual address, you should let about 4 weeks pass. For addresses that are being used as forwarded ones, the time is 6 weeks. The time should be 9 weeks for addresses that are foreign.

This timeline has remained the same throughout the three rounds of stimulus checks. The tracker tool by the IRS cannot be used any longer for the first two stimulus checks, so this payment trace is one of the few options.

What Can You Know About The Stimulus Check’s Status From The IRS Tracker Tool?

To receive the update about the third stimulus check, you have to provide your postal or ZIP code, street address, birth date, and number from Social Security. A message will then be displayed by the tool that will have all the information about the payment.

On display will be things such as if the money has been sent or whether it is going to be sent as per schedule. It will also show you the method of payment (EIP card, direct deposit, or paper check). The date of issuance of the stimulus check will also be shown. However, it might also show that the status cannot be determined. The tracking tool for payments by the IRS, however, does not include any plus-up amounts’ status, if you are supposed to get one.

What Will You Not Know From The Tracker App?

Several important information is not available through the tool. This includes the amount you are going to get in the stimulus check. Also, the earlier stimulus check details, from 2020, will not be shown. The information is also only updated once every day and not hourly. It also will not tell you what you can if there are problems regarding the stimulus check.

Stimulus Check

The tax agency does not want to be called up over payment troubles as well. The agency has stated that they have as much information as is on display.

For the error message “payment status not available”, there is no need to be alarmed. The IRS has said that this may occur when your payment has not been processed. However, it will also be displayed if you do not meet the eligibility criteria, and thus will not be getting a stimulus check.

The error “need more information” is shown when the USPS failed in delivering the stimulus check, and it was returned. The FAQ states that you can get the payment reissued. You can get it directly deposited if you provide a bank account number and its routing. You can also give the details of a reloadable debit card that is prepaid. An account for financial services with an account number and routing can also be used. The FAQ also states that the mailing address can be updated to get the stimulus check.

There Are More Steps If You Don’t Have The Stimulus Check But The App Shows “Sent”

If the online tool from the IRS shows that the money has been issued but you do not have any signs of it in the mailbox or the bank account, then it is not the end of the world. There are more steps such as filing for a payment trace by the IRS. However, remember to keep the IRS letter of confirmation safely. About two weeks can pass before that letter arrives.

The letter is named Notice 1444, or “Your Economic Impact Payment”. To file for a payment trace you have to call the tax agency. The number is 800-919-9835. You can also choose to fax or mail a filled-up Form 3911. It is available in a PDF format and is called the “Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund”. Hang on to the line while the recorded message plays and an agent will be put on.

The IRS has a list of instructions for filling up Form 3911. At the heading of the page, write “EIP3”. Fill up the form and all the questions that are related to refunds. For Section 1, item 7, check the “individual” box for the return type. The period for taxes will be “2021”. Date Filed should be left blank. Every involved party should place their signatures on the form – both people for joint filers.

For the payment trace, the IRS can take up to six weeks to receive the request. However, limited staffing can delay the process. The filing for the tax deadline has been extended and is now 17th May. Furthermore, the tax agency has stopped directly depositing the stimulus check on 24th March. So keep this information in mind.

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