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Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Stocks Of TCDA Have Been Downgraded By Zacks Investment

The stocks of TCDA have been downgraded by the research analysts that have been employed by Zacks Investment Research, from a rating of ‘hold’ to a rating of ‘sell’. The report was then published last Friday. 

The Commentary on the Stocks of TCDA

There have been several firms that have made the stocks of TCDA a topic of discussion. JPMorgan Chase & Co. have already started covering the stocks of the company in one of their research reports that were sent out on the 29th of September. They have also issued a rating of ‘underweight’ on the stocks, with a price target of $8 stuck on the back. BidaskClub has also increased the ratings of the company from a rating of ‘strong sell’ to ‘sell’ in a research report that was published on the 3rd of November. In the end, ValuEngine, too, got in the business, and have since then increased the rating of TCDA from ‘buy’ to ‘strong buy’ in one of their research reports that were published on the 2nd of November. 

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Three research analysts have already given the stocks of the company a rating of sell, while one of them has given it a rating of hold. Two investment analysts have issued a rating of buy, while one of them has issued it a rating of strong buy. Currently, the average rating is ‘hold’, while the target price has been set at $22.

The stocks of TCDA did open at $7.74 last Friday. The market cap of the firm is $388.43 million, with a beta of 1.07, and a PE ratio fixed at -1.64. The year low of the firm is $3.74, while the year high is $40.01. The quick ratio of the firm is 11.52, while the debt-to-equity ratio has been set at 0.79.  

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