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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Most Analysts Are Expecting The Stocks Of UAA To Post An EPS of $0.07

Analysts at Wall Street have been expecting the stocks of UAA to post an EPS of $0.07 for the current quarter, as reports indicate from Zacks Investment. Thirteen investment analysts have already given their estimates as to the earnings of the company, with the highest estimate coming in at $0.04, and the lowest estimate ringing in at $0.11. Just the previous year, the stocks of UAA did post an EPS clocking in at about $0.10, so this indicates a negative annual growth rate of about 170%. The company will be uploading its next quarterly earnings report on the 9th of February. 

The Quarterly Earnings of UAA

According to the brokerage firm, the company will be reporting a EPS of $0.46 for the entire fiscal year, with the EPS ranging from $0.49 to $0.43. For the coming financial year, most of the analysts have forecasted the company to post an EPS of $0.16, with the EPS ranging from $0.03 to $0.40. 

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The stocks of UAA did announce their last quarterly earnings result on the 4th of November. The EPS reported by the company was $0.26 for the quarter, which comfortably beat the estimate set by Zacks at about $0.03. The revenue earned by the company in that quarter was $1.43 billion, which was more than what the consensus expected at $1.16 billion. It is important to note that the stocks of the company had posted an EPS of $0.23 the previous year. 

Several equity firms have commented on the stocks of UAA. Deutsche Bank has already increased the price target on the shares of the company from $13 to $15, along with giving the stocks a rating of ‘hold’. The stocks have also been upgraded by Zacks Investment, who gave the rating of ‘buy’ to the company, along with a price objective of $13.

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