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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Analysts Have Given A Rating Of ‘Buy’ To The Stocks Of SIOX

The stocks of SIOX have been given a rating of ‘buy’ by around seven brokerage firms that have been working on the stocks of the company. According to reports, three of the research analysts have already assigned the stocks with a recommendation of ‘hold’, while four of them have given it a rating of ‘buy’. Currently, the stocks have a yearly price target of $11.45, as set by analysts. 

The Stocks of SIOX

There have been quite a few firms that have commented on the stocks of this company. Zacks Investment Research has already raised the shares of SIOX from a rating of ‘hold’ to a rating of ‘buy’ in one of their research notes, along with giving the stocks a price objective of $2.75. SVB Leerink has also increased the price target on the company from $7 to $8, with a rating of ‘outperform’ assigned to the stocks. In the end, ValuEngine has also got in the game, with a rating decreased from ‘buy’ to ‘hold’ in a 6th October research report. 

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The stocks of SIOX traded at $0.15 last Friday, finally hitting $2.81. The moving average price of the firm over a course of 50-day is $2.42, while that of 200-day is $3.11. The market cap of the firm is $132.77 million, with a PE ratio of around -1.43, and a beta fixed at 1.55. The year low of the company is $1.41, and the year high is $5.74. 

There have been quite a few hedge funds that have reduced or increased their stakes in the stocks of SIOX. Hudson Bay Capital Management LP has already increased its position in the company by about 24.1% last quarter. 

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