The Wait For Stimulus Check Round 2 Is Pushed To December As Congress Leaves Town

Stimulus Check Round 2
Stimulus Check Round 2

With a raging pandemic, Congress departs from Washington, and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, stalled stimulus check round 2 till late November.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary unfavorably negotiated stimulus check round 2 to be approximately $2 trillion including $1,200 benefits to unemployed citizens and small-scale businesses.

The discussions between the Democrats and Republicans in the session of “lame-duck” seem unfavorable, considering a reshuffle post-elections.

Senator Ron Wyden accused the Republicans of delaying or sabotaging the lame-duck discussion citing false reasons for the insufficient budget.

However, political representatives have another prospective window of passing the stimulus check round 2 bill. 11th December can be utilized to get the approval for the impending bill.

Stimulus Check Round 2 Cut Downs

Trump’s stance on the stimulus package has been unreliable and inconsistent since last month. He has attempted to cut down relief funds as well as push the passing of the bill till after November 3.

An extra $3 trillion was added during the ongoing pandemic to the federal relief by Congress. The initial check of $1,200 handed over to US citizens is expected to have been already utilized. Additionally, the stimulus benefits to small-scale businesses and unemployment relief has already terminated a few months back.

Recently, the Republicans made an attack due to the flexible approach shown by the Democrats. Apparently, the Democrats stopped a coronavirus relief benefit of $500 billion in the preceding week.

In his recent statement, McConnell said that there has been a lack of cooperation between the two parties in regard to the COVID-19 aid funds. Due to the disagreements, the bill is being pushed further away from being passed.

The US witnessed a 17% rise in the number of people affected by the coronavirus within the last week. The US states are struggling with an increasing number of patients. Economists have put forward suggestions to reinforce the stimulus check round 2 bill. The bill is of utmost help to support the collapsing economy as the number of unemployed citizens keeps rising along with dismissals from companies.

The Democrats have remained stubborn on the testing on a national level and tracing policy desired by them. Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) has condemned Trump and his administration in a specific letter addressed on Tuesday.

Pelosi spoke about this deadlock in an interview with MSNBC. She mentioned that the White House is unyielding to allow tax credits to citizens with a lower income. This credit was included previously in the month within the $2.2 trillion packages of financial help.

During the interview, Pelosi stated that their priority remains to curb the issue of COVID-19. Nonetheless, the coronavirus relief benefits must be justifiable and generous in amount.