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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

TheStreet Has Downgraded The Stocks Of RNR To C+

The stocks of RNR have been downgraded by analysts working at TheStreet from a rating of ‘b’ to a rating of ‘c+’ in one of their research reports that were published to investors and clients last Monday.

The Quarterly Earnings of RNR 

There have been quite a number of firms that have spoken about the stocks of RNR. Morgan Stanley has already increased the price objective of the company from $181 to $196 while giving the rating of the stock with ‘equal weight’ in one of their research reports that was published on the 24th of November. The Deutsche Bank has, on the other hand, decreased the price objective on the firm from $192 to $186, along with a rating of ‘hold’ in one of their 29th October. BidaskClub has also increased the rating of the company from ‘strong sell’ to ‘sell’ in one of their 12th December research reports. 

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Two of the research analysts working on the stocks of RNR have already issued it with a rating of ‘sell’, while four of them have given it a rating of ‘hold’. Two of the investment analysts have prescribed the stocks with a rating of ‘buy’. Currently, the consensus is ‘hold’, while the target price has been set at $193.17. 

The stocks of RNR traded at $160.44 last Monday. The year low for the firm is $113.27 while the year high for the same is $202.68. The moving average for the firm over 50-days is $169.63, while the same for 200-days is $174.84. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 0.17, while the quick ratio is 1.62. The market cap of the company is $8.15 billion, with a PE ratio of 13, and a PEG ratio of 1.04. 

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