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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Donald Trump Demands Bigger Stimulus Package After Finding The COVID-19 Bill Disgraceful

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, made a stunning tweet on the night of 22nd December, Tuesday stating the inappropriateness of offering $900B as the COVID-19 relief bill that was passed by Congress.

He referred to the bill as a ‘disgrace’ and requested the lawmakers to change some of the points in order to include larger direct payments to American citizens.

Donald Trump Unsatisfied With Coronavirus Relief Bill

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Despite losing the presidential election 2020 to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is still suggesting taking over the next administration.

Congress has already passed the legislation on Monday which was negotiated by Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, on behalf of Trump’s administration. Lawmakers are now on a holiday following the approval of the bill. Although Donald Trump was absent during the negotiation process prior to the election.

His tweet had a video showing his discussion regarding the flaws in the bill, overseas funding, and other details. This tweet was made within 24 hours of passing the bill. The foreign relief provisions are also included in the $1.4 trillion packages that will fund the government.

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Trump made no threats of vetoing the bill and is seen anticipating the signing to make it a law. The legislation was passed by the House and Senate without any veto and saw large majorities.

It was surprising to see Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, in strict political opposition to Trump, agreeing with his suggestion of $2,000 payment and tweeting about another session to make it possible.

The House expects a session of pro forma which might be prevented by a single lawmaker.

The possibility of a bigger direct payment is still unclear. Nonetheless, many of the Senate Republicans expressed resistance to larger stimulus payments.

The new bill will be offering all Americans a $600 direct payment check along with increased unemployment benefits and aid to distribute the vaccine.

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