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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Third Stimulus Check Might Be Coming Soon

The whole world is facing a crisis which was initiated by the coronavirus pandemic and now this condition has been worsened by the recent war between Russia and Ukraine. This incident has led to the deterioration of the relationship between America and Russia and it has resulted in the price hike of gas all over the world. Thus, to enable the people to afford gas, America should offer another stimulus check to the citizens.

Stimulus Check Will Be Offered To Deal With Oil Price Hike

Russia produces a huge amount of oil and gas and thus, its conflict with Ukraine is affecting all the countries that used to import oil from Russia. As a response to the violence, President, Joe Biden, decided to ban Russian oil and gas which is the elementary cause for the price rise. 

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The rise in the price of gas is making the families reduce their other expenses and travel only when it is absolutely necessary. As per Analytics of Mood, a household is affected approximately by $276 per month and by $1,100 in four months. The oil cost has increased by $4.25 per gallon and by this Monday, it has increased by $2.86. 

During the first part of the pandemic, amid all the chaos and poverty, the Government decided to authorize many stimulus checks in order to decrease some pressure off their shoulders. The American Rescue Plan which was active in 2020-21, is no longer in use. 

However, on 8th March, President Joe Biden stated that the people are going to be independent of energy soon. The people of America are not completely ready for this huge commitment. The earlier stimulus checks provided a relief to the middle-class families whose earnings were stopped due to the lockdown or as a result of Covid-19. Thus, it has been said that the Government will again come forward and assist, fight together and provide support to these people.

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