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Third Stimulus Check: Track Your COVID-19 Relief Fund With The IRS ‘Get My Payment’ Tracker

You might be among the lucky ones who have received their $1,400 third stimulus check. But if you haven’t, then you can track your payment online through the ‘Get My Payment’ tool on the IRS website, irs.gov.

Around 90 million checks have already been dispatched by the IRS and have hit accounts across the nation. An overwhelming majority of the stimulus checks are direct transfers to accounts. This was possible as the details of tax filers are already with the IRS. Around 150,000 of the stimulus payments have been dispatched through prepaid debit cards and paper checks.

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But many people might have missed out on the payment or are yet to receive their third stimulus check. So if you wish to know your payment status or schedule, the tracker of the IRS is the main way to go about it. But the tracker will not show details of the first and second stimulus check issued last year. Here is how to log in and make use of the tracker.

third stimulus check
third stimulus check

The ‘Get My Payment’ Tracker To Monitor Your Third Stimulus Check

In sync with the initial round of payments that have already been credited in your bank account or have been dispatched through the postal department,  the authorities have activated the tracker tool. The ‘get my payment’ tracker will help people keep tabs on the position of their third stimulus check. You can be assured of the latest information as the IRS will update the tracker at the end of the day. Calling up the IRS helpline will not help much as they will not have information more than that updated on the tracker.

How Do Get The Update Of The Third Stimulus Check On The ‘Get My Payment ’ Tracker?

To avail of the information in the ‘get my payment’ tracker, you will have to enter the Social Security number, your date of birth, the street address including the ZIP code. The tracker will then display the information regarding your third stimulus check. You will get to know if your stimulus payment was dispatched, the method of payment (it could be a direct transfer into your account, a prepaid debit card, or a paper check). You will also know the date of the issue.

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But you will not know the amount that has been sent. But you will get to know if and when the IRS cannot determine the status. Here is more on the messages that you will come across on the tool.

If the IRS has your details with them, chances are that you have already received your third stimulus check in your account. If you are a regular tax filer, your details are already with the IRS. The IRS has also accessed information of individuals and families who have filed their first tax returns this year.

Can One Enter The Banking Details In The ‘Get My Payment’ for Direct Transfer Of The Third Stimulus Check?

You could enter your banking details for direct transfer of the stimulus payment into your account last year ahead of the first check. But the IRS has neither allowed people to register their direct deposit accounts nor alter their banking details during the second stimulus payment issued in December. The updated tracker will also not permit you to enter your bank details for the IRS to issue your third stimulus check.

But the FAQ says that if the authorities cannot deliver your payment, you can use the tool to enter your bank details. This will only happen if your third stimulus check is not delivered to you and.

File Your 2020 Taxes Immediately If You Haven’t Received Your Check

If you haven’t received your third stimulus check, you still can enter your banking details by filling in your 2020 tax returns. This will enable you to receive the third stimulus check by way of a direct deposit into your account. You can opt to register up to 3 direct deposit accounts while you file your 2020 returns. If your information reaches the IRS before they dispatch your stimulus payment, they will make use of that details to send the payment by direct transfer. The last date for filing 2020 tax returns has been extended till May 17. But there have been delays reported in processing returns.

Third Stimulus Check
Third Stimulus Check

If the US postal service fails to deliver your check, a ‘need more information’ note will be shown on the IRS ‘get my payment’ tool.

In such a case, you can have your third stimulus check by way of direct transfer by providing details for an account or a prepaid card. This card should be reloadable. You could also opt for a financial service that has a routing and also an account number linked to it. The IRS has updated the FAQ to inform you that you can even update your address to send your check.

What You Need To Do If The Tool Shows ‘Payment Status Not Available’

The ‘Payment Status Not Available‘ is a stock message that is displayed till the IRS process your payment. So you have nothing to be alarmed of. Neither will you need to take any steps.

But it could indicate that for some reason you are ineligible for your payment. So do confirm your eligibility again and use the stimulus check calculator to calculate the amount due to you.

If you have not received your third stimulus check either in your account or through the postal service, you will have to apply for a stimulus check payment trace. Keep the letter the IRS has mailed.

Would I Need To Keep The Letter Confirming The Third Stimulus Check?

The IRS sends out a letter within 15 days of payment to verify your payment. The letter is sent to your last known address and has information on the date and mode of payment. You also are informed on the way to report to the authorities if you haven’t received your stimulus check. This letter will also help you in case the amount is less than the amount due to you. If you have lost your letter, you can recover it.

If the IRS has dispatched the third stimulus check through the mail, make use of the postal service app, Informed Delivery, which allows you to trace your mail. This app service automatically tracks your mail and you are notified when you will receive your mail.

What Do I Do If I Have Missed Out On All The Stimulus Payments?

The first two rounds of payment will no longer be sent out automatically. So if you have missed out on your payment, you will have to file a Recovery Rebate Credit along with the 2020 tax returns. You will have to calculate the amount owed to you. This information will be there in the mail you received from the IRS. This information is not available on the ‘Get My Payment’ tool. You will instead have to set up your IRS account and check for details on the previous stimulus payments.

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