This NFT Dump Of 1,010 Within 48 hours By A Whale Is The Largest Ever

NFT Dump
NFT Dump

The marketplace of Blur was absolutely ready for their second airdrop. On the other hand, Andrew Thurman of Nansen believed that the recent NFT dump might emerge as the biggest transformation. It may gain additional rewards of BLUR tokens during the booking of profits. 

Jeffrey Hwang is a whale of NFT (nonfungible token) as reported by the data of Nansen. Hwang is better known by his professional name, Machi Big Brother. His recent NFT dump has created a stir in the crypto market

Stir After Whale’s Huge NFT Dump 

Hwang has reportedly dumped a massive number of NFT which is almost 1,010 tokens. He has dumped these NFTs to acquire 11,680 Ether which is worth a massive $18.6 million. As known by everyone, Ether is priced at almost $1,602 at this moment and Hwang made this humungous NFT dump within a span of a mere 48 hours. 

The 25th February thread on Twitter mentioned that the simian psychometric of Nansen that is an enhancement technician is named Andrew Thurman. He has emphasized on Twitter that the trading action in the last 2 days has been noteworthy as well as mentioned this NFT dump might be the biggest ever. 

NFT And Other Trading Activity 

Big Brother Machi quickly purchased 991 of his NFTs soon after dumping them for Ether. Thurman has speculated that this may be one of his plays to manipulate the naked market or to simply gain additional profits. These profits can be gained when he conducts a significant wash trade for producing a large BLUR airdrop. 

The price of BLUR was stuck at $0.79 which proved to have downgraded by almost 17.7% over the last 7 days, as reported by CoinGecko. Blur has tweeted about dropping tokens worth $300 million soon.