Top 30 Lead Generation Software: An Overview

lead generation software

Quality leads on the internet can get very hard to search for. Sometimes, one might have to wait for weeks before any suitable lead comes up, after which they also need to work on lead nurturing. In this situation, lead generation software is someone’s best bet. With a good lead generation software, accumulating leads become child’s play- precisely why so many market strategists advise its usage.

What is an Online lead generation software?

Lead generation software does exactly what the name mentions. It generates and gathers leads from various channels, and then sends them over to sales teams for conversions. Remember, leads can be found from any channel in any which way. This is where different lead generation software comes into play- but there are exceptions. There are some lead generation software which caters to every lead generation strategy and needs, and can actually help in automating the markets. 

What are the benefits of using lead generation software?

If you have the right lead generation software, it becomes very easy to generate and convert leads. This in turn leads to higher conversion rates, a large number of clients, and finally a huge boost to sales. In the end, your company benefits from a software, without which it would be flailing.  If they are used to their fullest capacity, you will generate a lot of leads that will definitely accentuate the number of sales leads and revenue that your company enjoys. Not only that, but using lead generation software eases up your job considerably- allowing you to focus elsewhere. 

Here are the 20 best lead generation software currently out there

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is one such lead management software that will help you control the pace of lead generation by utilizing sticky bars and effective landing pages. This lead generation software can also be useful in creating mobile responsive landing pages by allowing the user to drag-and-drop any page element. As a bonus, Unbounce would also effectively optimize your landing page according to the Insights made by Google PageSpeed. You can also avail unlimited A/B testing through this tool. All in all, a great lead generation software to have. The price runs from $79 to $399, depending on the features you want. 

2. Leadpages

lead generation software

Leadpages is yet another lead generation software that can be very useful. It generates leads through pop-up boxes and comes with its in-built payment options. It also has templates that are not just mobile-friendly, but easily customizable. It also comes with a Facebook Ad Builder which is integrated into the software. The Ad Builder takes in content from your Facebook pages to help run ads. If you are curious about conversion, then this lead generation both contains A/B testing along with integrating well with other webinar platforms. This lead generation has extremely simple analytics, which should make it a favorite. Also, the prices range from $25 to $199.

3. CallPage

This lead generation software is a bit different from the other two because this engages the visitors that your website gets along with prompting them with a free callback within 28 seconds of them visiting your account and leaving their phone numbers. The moment this lead generation software is downloaded, a call option would appear right at the bottom of your website. Here, visitors would either have the option to leave their phone numbers behind, or a message along with their phone number. Then these leads would directly go to the sales team, who would look to converting it. Fortunately, CallPage allows calls from all over the world, so geography shouldn’t be a problem. The software prices range from $59 to $499. 

4. Growlabs

Growlabs is another lead generation software that is mostly useful for the B2B marketers. This means that it offers smart inbox filters, email automation, and can be used as marketing automation software through multi-channels, as well as insights that are data-driven and actionable. Since it has one of the most impressive B2B lead generation capabilities and the best B2B lead generation software, you are guaranteed several leads that would be perfect for your company- the profile would match your ideal client profile. There are several features in-built that would help you find out leads, segregate them into lists, and contact them through the messaging option. This lead generation software has a respectable image in the market because the database is not only regularly updated, but also constantly verified. For the price, you need to request quotations. 

5. Sumo

lead generation software

Sumo is one of those lead generation software that helps e-commerce websites gain massive lists through the progress of email lists, reducing the rate of cart abandonment, and increasing the order value. This lead generation software also helps you create and design interesting new additions to your website that would simply help in generating leads. Also, this software would seamlessly integrate with HubSpot and similar sites whilst being a plug-in option in several other sites. The lead generation software also has a free option that you can choose to apply for- in order to check it out before purchasing. Therefore, the prices run from free to $468 per year. 

6. Fieldboom

This is one of those lead generation software that does all the work by itself. This software helps you create leads, along with forms, surveys, and quizzes, which are quickly sent to different conversion sites through Zapier. This software is especially useful when for e-commerce, and agency. The prices range from $49 on a monthly basis or $39 per month on a yearly basis. 

7. LeadFeeder

This lead generation software is going to be very interesting and useful if you want an entire directory of companies who checked your website out, and the reasons why they did so. In fact, you can find out the results even if they didn’t fill out any forms that you might have for your website. The process behind is very simple- the software uses Google Analytics to find out who checked your website out and based on where they clicked- they find the motive. This is how they collect and generate leads. Further, this software will also fill you in with several company details, so you would be able to contact them on your own accord, rather than wait for them to make the first move. The prices range from free to $53 per month. 

8. Optionmonster

lead generation software

This software is exceedingly helpful in turning your current traffic into leads that can be generated over time. There are several other features as well. This software helps you build your own personalized discount options that are tailor-made for the clientele. Also, you would be able to test your templates continuously, keeping yourself afloat with the trends. They also contain Exit-Intent Technology which ensures that a targeted message reaches the user every time the software detects the movement of the user’s mouse. As for the icing on the cake, it also gives out interesting insights that would help develop the leads you have already generated. The price starts from $19 all the way to $99. 


This lead generation software helps marketers develop by exploring the leads that have been generated. They do this by verifying emails that could be served as prospects. This software has also been considered to be extremely user-friendly as it helps one go through the plethora of templates provided to find one that suits the needs. Also, it also has a good email tracking feature that signals the company about the number of emails opened, and the number of times a particular link was clicked on. The price is $129 Euros that would be for 1 month and allow the company to get in 2000 leads. 

10. SharpSpring

This is yet another of those lead generation software that does all the work- from generating leads to managing several marketing options- email marketing, social media marketing, and so on. But what is most impressive about SharpSpring is its VisitorID software that would help companies track and generate leads by exploring the visitors that checked your site and understanding their behavior. For a relatively cheap price, it offers a lot. The prices range from $450 to $875. 

11. Intercom

This is quite a strong lead generation software that helps generate leads by finding them out amidst live chats through chatbots. It does all the work- from taking the first step of reaching out and contacting visitors on your website, to verifying and qualifying those leads with your chatbot, and then finally sending them to your sales team. Also, it allows you to initiate any meeting with your leads directly from the live chat option. But, it is not exactly cheap for those who are looking for more moderate options. The prices range from $87 to $153 per month. 

12. LeadBoxer

lead generation software

This nifty little lead generation software does a lot of work to ensure you have properly generated leads. This software, among other features, locates and identifies your visitors, and then tracks the entire journey they have charted as a customer. Then they check up on the leads and see if it fits your profile. After that, they start sending you the lists via email every week. Interestingly, they offer you a feature that compiles your leads in little structures thereby allowing you to search them using certain filters, or keywords. The plans of LeadBoxer also involve newspaper and email tracking. The prices run from $39 to $399.

13. Callingly

This lead generation software is the fastest when it comes to syncing you with your leads. Firstly, visitors are asked to fill out ‘Contact Us’ forms which are then immediately sent to be used as a sales navigator who then contacts the leads and generate sales pipeline. But if you are in a rush, the software will also help you set up scheduled calls with the leads. This usually ends up with the software informing you when you need to call the lead. And fortunately for you, the software comes with the feature where you can fill in the availability schedule of your sales team so that the calls reach appropriate agents. If you are hesitant, there is a 14-day trial that should alleviate your fears. The prices of Callingly run from $39 to $199. 

14. Callmaker

This is again a lead generation software that utilizes the calling feature to generate leads. It usually looks up your website visitors and extends call invitations to them. It also has the feature of asking your visitors to either schedule a call or leave their numbers behind. If a visitor wants a call back immediately, the software will immediately link the lead with available agents within 25 seconds. The software is easy enough to deal with and comes loaded with a host of templates that would be great for the company- personalized, yet user-friendly. The Callmaker can connect calls in 13 different languages from 27 different countries. As you may very well guess, the prices are a bit expensive- $43 to $198.

15. Voila Norbert

lead generation software

This is a lead generation software that also works as an outreach program. Basically, this software allows you to generate leads by finding anyone’s email who could potentially be a lead. All that this software need is a name and a domain name. Also, this software helps you find verified users and makes sure that you send the correct information to the relevant person. But as it is with most lead generation software here, it takes a little bit more money to avail of all the premium features. The prices run from $39 to $399 per month.

16. AeroLeads

It is an excellent B2B marketer lead generation software. Many bug agencies like Gratner, Grubhub, and IBM use it. You can use Aeroleads to generate new leads by looking for verified contact details of any particular manager of a company. You can get phone numbers, business email ids, a person’s location, title, agency email, and other such 10 crucial data points. Moreover, since this lead generation tool can connect with other CRM Software tools, you have the option to transfer and sync your data with the agile CRM tool in one go. Some of the agile CRM tools that this platform is compatible with are Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, PipeDrive, and Zoho CRM. Furthermore, if you use AeroLead on the web, you can find it on Google Chrome Extension. The price starts from $49 to $499.

17. Lead Forensics

This is another leading B2B automated lead generation software. It identifies the people who are visiting your website and helps you turn them into leads. It reveals certain information about your website visitors. Some of that information are your visitor’s name, job title, location, and other websites they visited. Furthermore, this software also provides you with contact details of other individuals who match the visitor’s profile. If the person belongs to a company, you can also access the company’s name, phone number, email address, and other such information. You can also check the time duration that any particular visitor spends on your website. 

Through all the above information, you can analyze which stage the potential customer has reached, and that will help you close a lead. To know what this software costs, you can visit the website and request price details.

18. RightHello

This is another B2B lead generation software. It holds a humongous database of around 5 million small and big businesses. It also has verified databases from more than twenty sources. RightHello offers too quality contact details with 90 percent email deliverability as its average. You can generate leads through this software by looking for potential leads, identifying who the decision-maker is in that company, funding verified contact of that decision-maker, and initiating conversations through email marketing campaigns. One great feature that separates this lead generation software from others is that it offers around 10 varying search methods and more than 50 custom filters. 

However, the cost of this software is much more than other lead software. You need to provide a quotation on RightHello’s website to get the price for you.

19. LeadQuizzes

lead generation software

This lead generation software uses surveys and quizzes to identify and generate leads for you and takes you through the lead generation process. Visit this platform and custom create your own surveys and quizzes. Then, you can promote these on websites using the pop-up feature, but embedding them. You can also promote them in URLs hosted by LeadQuizzes. The end goal is to collect all the data from the surveys and quizzes and analyzing them to use the information to your profit. This software can be integrated with other tools as well. Some of them include email marketing tools, CRM software, and other advertising tools. 

Furthermore, you can analyze the stats of particular surveys and quizzes to see how they function and improve the next batch. One drawback of this software is that the entrepreneur plan that it provides only offers one unique website. The cost of the entrepreneur plan is $29, the business plan is $67, and the enterprise and agency has per month custom pricing.

20. Leadformly

This lead generation software uses intelligent website forms and interactive methods to help you create new leads. It offers various types of advanced methods. Some of them include optimized templates, efficient spam blockers, intelligent conditional logic, more than fifteen different types of questions, and a form builder where you can use the drag and drop option. Additionally, it also offers more than one thousand integrations through SSL encryptions, Zapier, form analyticals, and even provides unlimited forms. 

However, this software might not be best for individual or business owners. Its essential plan starts from $37. The growth plan comes for $74 and the team plan stands at $149. The prices are given on a per month basis and they bill annually. Although, this software does offer a free trial of fourteen days.

21. Acquire

lead generation software

Acquire helps you interact and observe your customers’ behavior and activities in real-time with its customer engagement tools. This lead generation software provides you with tools like chatbots, co-browsing, and live chats to help you connect with your website visitors. You can further use this data to identify potential sales leads and turn them into closed leads. This software bills on an annual basis. Its first essential package stands at $300 a month (platform fee.) Additionally, there’s a charge of $49 a month per agent. The Pro pack comes for $950 a month (platform fee.) Additionally, this package has a charm of $50 a month per against. To know their packages for agencies and enterprises, you can contact Acquire’s sales team directly.

22. ProProf’s Chat

This software is a tool for customer support. It provides you with tools that help you build a delightful and instant support system for your website visitors. Through this software, you can observe your website visitor’s behavior, monitor them, and it enables you to be proactive and reach out to your visitors for instant support. You can initiate a live conversation with your website visitors. Conversing with your potential customers directly will help you build a more intimate relationship with your customer as you can instantly solve any issue that they might be facing. 

In addition to that, you can build a strong support system using more than fifty integration options that ProProf’s Chat offers through its live chat tool. It integrates with several of its native apps like ProProf’s Survey Maker, ProProf’s Help Desk, and ProProf’s Knowledge Base. Moreover, these integrations with native apps are available in the infinite free plan. Options for CMS, CRM, e-commerce integrations, and email marketing with this software are also available. 

This lead generation software is best for people with a tight budget as it’s “forever free plan” comes for zero dollars a month for each user. This plan has all the basic features that will help you kickstart an excellent customer support system on your website. There also is a paid plan that comes at $10 a month per user.

23. Contactout

lead generation software

Contactout is a B2B leads generation software. It helps you find leads and their contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers in Github and LinkedIn. Once you are done finding contact details, this software will automatically initials an email marketing campaign targeting those leads. You will also get open access to all of Contactout’s intelligent database, which contains more than one billion business emails ids of top agencies. You don’t have to worry about any safety issues for your data as this software complies with USA privacy laws and the GDPR. Furthermore, they offer a free package where you can have 100 free search credits. Their paid package stands at $19 a month.

24. Klenty 

This lead generation software is considered one of the best among content marketing professionals. It helps you find leads, sends out automated lead generation emails that have the look of a personalized email and generates qualified leads (seen as a lead capture form), which is essential in expanding your business. It has several other tools that help you manage your website. Some of them include finding verified contact details of your potential client, integrating with popular marketing and sales software tools such as Salesforce, PipeDrive, and Outlook. It also engages with all the qualified leads generated. Furthermore, you can use its tools to build and manage your website database automatically. 

Klenty offers a free trial of 14 days. Once you think you are ready to upgrade and invest in this software, you can switch to its paid packages. It has various packages, some start from $25 a month, and others stand at $80 a month. All its packages are billed annually.

25. Sendinblue

This lead generation software is great if you want to quickly search for an email of a prospective lead. You can even optimize and design your email campaign simultaneously. Furthermore, if you are looking to categorize and create segments for your various customers, this software is the best for that. 

Categorizing customers into various segments is important because it helps you create particular marketing campaigns that will be attractive to various groups. Not all customers are the same. And so, one marketing team strategy will not work for all of your customers. When you create segments and design specific marketing campaigns for these groups, you will target and attract your customer base more efficiently. This tool complies with GDPR. 

Five packages are available to you from Sendinblue. The first is the free premium pack. You get access to 300 emails a day in this package. Other paid packs start at $21 a month and rise up to $55 a month. To know what paid packages they have for enterprises and agencies, you can contact them directly as they customize the price according to your particular needs.

26. GetResponse

GetResponse is a lead generation software that helps you create automated emails that will be sent to sustainers when they are most likely to respond. Some of its best features deal with webinars, landing pages, and automatic email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it boasts super easy navigation and a fast user interface. It is best for email marketing strategies. It also allows you to drag and drop while editing emails. You will have access to A/B testing, advanced analytics, and various unique and intelligent tools that will tell you the exact time when your customers are active and most likely to engage with your email. It also has an autoresponder that will automatically respond to your customers on their queries. 

GetResponse also offers a free trial pack. Their lowest paid pack stands at $12 a month, and their highest-paid pack stands at $838 a month. They bill on an annual basis.

27. ActiveCampaign

This lead generation software helps you to personalize several emails in one go. Especially in this competitive world of ours, an email that looks drab can get lost amongst thousands of such similar emails. A customer is most likely to respond to your email if it looks like you have put thought into what your customer is interested in. 

With ActiveCampaign, you can build several email lists, and personalize them according to their categories. Some of their features include messaging, segmentation, automated email marketing campaigns, and personalized newsletters so that you can reach as many people as possible. 

Their package prices range from $17 a month to $229 a month. They bill on a yearly basis. Note that these prices are customizable according to your needs.


lead generation software

This is another email marketing tool that helps you find new leads and maintain your existing customers. You can automate and schedule emails via this lead generation software to make it look like you have put thought into each email and are sending them manually. It enables you to reach a wider crowd. Furthermore, the intelligent tools of this software will detect any faulty emails such as sending one email twice to a particular customer. It’s price ranges from $40 to $80 a month.

29. Mailshake 

This lead generation software helps you find prospective clients and their verified email addresses. You can engage your clients and promote content at the same time. Their paid packages start from $39 a month and go up to $99 a month. If you are not sure whether you want to continue with their paid packages, you can always opt-out within 39 days. And, you will get all your money back. Lead nurturing is extremely important to turn sales funnel into lead capture. 

30. Hubspot

Hubspot is a CRM tool that helps you market your brand and increase your sales. It will also help you in organizing your data automatically so that you have time left to focus on other important aspects of your business. What’s more? It’s free!

These are some of the lead generation software that is in vogue right now. If they are used to their fullest capacity, you will generate a lot of leads that will definitely accentuate the number of sales and revenue that your company enjoys. Not only that but using lead generation software eases up your job considerably- allowing you to focus elsewhere. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best lead generation software for your brand and start closing deals.