Trump’s Aide Hints That President May Be Willing To Pass A Bigger Second Stimulus Check Than What The House Moderates Are Negotiating

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Negotiations are still going on regarding the second stimulus check between House Democrats and Republicans. While the House is deliberating on a $1.8 trillion bill, recent reports suggest that White House might be willing to provide more.

On Sunday, President Trump’s economic adviser, Larry Kudlow suggested that President Trump may be willing to spend more money in the second stimulus check than the negotiating figure of $1.8 trillion.

Larry Kudlow Mentions Trump Can Go Beyond $1.8 Trillion

This comes days before the nation looks forward to the 2020 Presidential Elections. Larry Kudlow even suggested that the figure might even exceed the sum mentioned in the earlier HEROES Act by Democrats. Last week, the President informed in a radio interview that the nation need a bigger relief package and he would like to pass a bigger second stimulus check, more than what both the House Republicans and Democrats are offering.

Kudlow mentioned that the President is willing to “go further” as the second stimulus check has to cover a lot of areas especially as unemployment assistance, small business aid, and airlines. Kudlow mentioned these in his interview on CNN’s show “State of the Union.”

Amidst his suggestion, he further mentions that the negotiations will go on in the House as they are. He said that the House had reached a broad consensus on the $1200 second stimulus checks, PPP to aid small businesses (Paycheck Protection Program) and additional benefits for federal unemployment. He states that there is bipartisan support for these issues. However, the House Democrats are being intransigent on other negotiating terms for the second stimulus check.

Negotiations To Continue Regarding Second Stimulus Check

Further into the interview, he dismissed Democratic priorities such as state and local governments aids, pension funds, mail ballots, a national plan to deal with theCovid-19 crisis, and so on. He mentioned that giveaways to local and state governments, mail ballots, pension funds and assisting illegal immigrants are not related to the current Covid-19 crisis or the economic crisis. so, negotiations will continue as Democrats are strongly pushing to address these issues as well in the second stimulus check.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi mentioned that these are crucial as what the Trump administration has provided in these terms, is completely insufficient.

Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff, urged Congress to vote on the second stimulus check immediately as these negotiations have been going on for a long time. Americans have been looking forward to some kind of state aid for so long now.

Negotiations for a bigger second stimulus check began this Thursday, right after President Trump abruptly stopped the talks. Democrats have come up with a $3.4 trillion new bill. Kudlow mentions that a larger bill may be passed by administration if Democrats and Republicans can get things settled between them.