TSLA Has A Price Target Of $363.82


The stocks of TSLA have been given a rating of “hold” by around thirty-six different brokerages that have been covering the firm. According to a report, eleven of the investment analysts have already given the stocks a rating of sell, while twelve others have given it a rating of hold. Close to ten different analysts have provided the stocks with a rating of buy. The price target of the company over an entire year is $363.82. 

The Stock Commentary of TSLA

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of TSLA. Credit Suisse Group has already put up a rating of neutral on the shares in a 28th January research report. The Royal Bank of Canada has also increased the rating of the company from underperform to “sector perform” in a 7th January research report.

The New Street Research has given the company a rating of buy in a 15th March research report. JPMorgan Chase has provided the company with a price target of $155 with a rating of underweight in a Monday research report. In the end, Edward Jones provided the company with a rating of hold in a 13th January research report. 

The stocks of TSLA traded on Friday at $7.44. The market cap of the company is $649.21 billion, with a 1,355.48 PE ratio, an 8.81 PEG ratio, and a 2.18 beta. The year low of the company has been set at $111.42, with the year high set at around $900.40. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company over the period has been 0.63, with a 1.63 current ratio. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is $674.62, with a moving average of the company for 200 days is $622.88. 

The stocks of TSLA did put up their quarterly data on the 27th of January. The producer of electric vehicles had an EPS of $0.80 for that quarter, which was more than the consensus of $0.63. The return on equity for the company was 4.93%, with a 1.97% net margin. The revenue of the firm was $10.70 billion, which was more than the consensus amount of $10.38 billion.