Twitter Announces New Feature Called Super Follows For Charged Tweets


Twitter has been on a roll in the past couple of hours. The tech giant announced a whirl of new features to be added to its system. One of those features includes the ability to charge followers for tweets— for access to additional content. The other feature has to do with creating and joining groups on the basis of specific interests. The features are the most substantial upgrades on the social media giant for a while now. But it is strategic. Meaning they fit well with the other modular aspects that are currently popular on several social media networks. And these models are booming. 

For several creators around the world, the method of direct payment has become widespread and popular. Patreon is another successful platform for raising money for artists. Other similar success stories include GitHub, YouTube as well as Facebook who recently launched their direct payment for content creators. But since Twitter has been hinting towards a subscription feature for more revenue, it can be assumed that they will be earning a cut. But this is not confirmed. 

Twitter’s New Features: Super Follows & Communities

The new feature for payment on Twitter is known as Super Follows. This will let users of the app charge some of their followers (interested) to give special access for extra content. This unique access could include some bonus tweets or newsletter subscriptions, badges, or even community group access. In a mock-up, the firm displayed all the features under the new Super Follows subscription. 

The second feature introduced is called Communities. It seems more like a personal take on what Facebook has done with Facebook Groups. People that share similar interests. This will allow them to explore even more subjects in tweets. But there is a chance this could blow up. Let’s not forget that groups have been a massive success for Facebook.