Twitter Has Suspended An AI Bot Linked To A Memecoin


Twitter recently suspended the account of a popular memecoin that was linked to an artificial intelligence-powered bot called Explain This Bob, after it was alleged by Musk that it was a scam crypto account.

Musk went on to allege that the account was a scam in a tweet on the 18th of June in a reply to this bot- and as it turns out, the account was suspended soon after. The AI bot had managed to amass over 400,000 followers before it was suspended. The bot was created by Prabhu Biswal, from India, and utilized the GPT-4 model of OpenAI to provide and comprehend the responses to the tweets by those who had tagged the account. 

Twitter Has Suspended Explain This Bob AI Bot

This Twitter project was also linked to the ERC-20 memecoin Bob Token, which was launched back in April. The suspension allowed the price of BOB down over 30%, as mentioned by CoinGecko. This suspension is a clear U-turn on the earlier impression Musk had about this bot. In one of his tweets, he stated that he loved the bot, which was also a tweet that prominently featured on the website of this project. As it turns out, Twitter has not taken action against the account for Bob Token. The team rather shared a meme of Musk monitoring a distraught Bob in prison. 

Since the suspension, FREEBOB has been circulating all over Crypto Twitter. Most of the observers are of the idea that BOB isn’t a scam coin, and the suspension is completely unwarranted, as the launch of the token was completely fair- in addition to Bob being completely decentralized with a 0% tax mechanism.