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UE Fits Launches New Wireless Earbuds That Can Mold To Perfectly Fit Your Ear

The UE Fits new wireless earbuds solve the basic problems of wireless earbuds, that is to make them stay in your ear. This mostly happens as you don’t get the right size to fit the mold of your ear and it might keep falling down.

UE Fits now provides a whole-new wireless earbud experience with the launch of its new product. The tips of these earbuds are filled with gel and they harden when you press the molding process on your connected device or smartphone.

UE Fits New Gel Tipped Custom-Contoured Earbuds

UE Fits
UE Fits Launches New Wireless Earbuds That Can Mold To Perfectly Fit Your Ear 3
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Most of us are satisfied with the silicone ear tips that are provided with the earbuds box. Usually, you can get a decent fit with the different sizes of ear tips provided in the box, large, medium or small. These are mostly sufficient for most users. However, if you’re looking for a perfect experience, then foam tips or silicon tips are not the ones for you. UE Fits launches a completely personalized and custom-built earbud experience. The ear tips of the new gel tipped earbuds can perfectly fit the contours of your ears.

These earbuds promise to provide the pinnacle of listening through wireless earbuds. UE Fits believes that nothing beats an earbud that can shape according to the contours of your ears. Now, you can enjoy this experience without going to your local audiologist for a particular ear mold.

UE Fits Uses Lightform Technology To Provide Customized Earbud Experience

UE Fits
UE Fits Launches New Wireless Earbuds That Can Mold To Perfectly Fit Your Ear 4

The new UE Fits earbuds are priced at $249. Once you put it in your ear, you can make them harden into the shape of your ears with a 60 second initiation process operated via your smartphone.

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In a press release on Thursday, the company mentions that UE Fits aims to provide personalized fit earbuds that are comfortable, pressure-free and irritation-free. So, users will be able to wear these buds for a long time without irritation or pain. The earbuds also contain passive noise isolation technology as the perfect fit naturally seals ambient noise.

The new earbuds will use Lightform tech for the custom-contoured fit. Download the UE Fits app in your Android or iPhone. You can insert the earbuds into your ears and select the initiation process. The wireless earbuds have an embedded LED that molds the tip of the earbud according to the contours of your ears. Once the tips of the earbuds are hardened, it can stay that way for convenient usage.

The Ultimate Ears Fits have approximately 8 hours of battery life in case of constant usage. The earbuds are available in three color options, navy, lilac purple, and gray. The UE Fits will be shipped sometime around this fall. The exact shipments dates are not released yet. These are sweat-proof, water-proof earbuds that support AAC, SBC, and Apt-X Bluetooth. The only thing is that they will be launched only in the US for now. 

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