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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Amazon’s Prime Day In October- A Stroke of Sheer Genius

Looks like the stars have aligned for Amazon. Amazon’s Prime Day, the biggest shopping event of the year, was postponed from its usual date in mid-summer to sometime in the latter months of the year. As it stands now, Amazon is going to organize the Prime Day in October. And this is nothing but a brainwave- the position of this day would be perfect for those looking out for Black Friday, as well as Christmas. Mark the dates- October 13, and October 14, when the shopping holiday begins, and people start rubbing their eyes raw sitting before the screens for hours on end. 

Stretching out the holiday shopping season for Amazon’s Prime Day

The biggest challenge that Amazon is going to face this term is its own self. The demand has been shooting through the roof, and they just might not have the supply at hand. E-commerce is already experiencing massive share grains, and it is expected to increase exponentially in the last quarter of the year. Amazon’s stocks might just run into trillions at this rate- considering both Target and Walmart would be limiting consumer entry. 

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Brian Olsavsky- the CFO of Amazon- said that they were trying their level-best to bring production and distribution as fast as they did before coronavirus. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be as easy- and may very well take a long period of time. This means that the positioning of the Prime Day is not just a spur of the moment thing- people at Amazon have actually joined their heads to come up with this idea. Traditionally, this event was held in June to simply boost the sales of Amazon. But this time around, it would be used to shift customers away from last minute Black Friday shopping- bringing all the sales back to Amazon. If they manage to equally distribute their sales over a few weeks, they will definitely be able to keep hold of their warehouses, and manage their fulfillment centres. After Amazon’s Prime Day sees the setting sun, the company is planning to organize a sale that would run for three weeks- further spreading out the demand just before Black Friday. 

Needless to say, the way the company is moving, it might just break records from last year too. Amazon is already expecting a jumbo fourth quarter. Despite that, they are still trying to expand their network of fulfillment by 50%. Now, simply couple their incredible fourth quarter, with their desire to spread their sales out- the final number is simply going to be staggering. 

Amazon’s not the only retailer trying to spread out its sales through Prime Day

Both Target and Walmart have been looking at alternate means to increase their sales and tap into the hubbub that arises during Black Friday. Walmat has already started providing deals on items that could very well be in huge demand. Target has been running a sale to compete Prime Day- with offers throughout November. 

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While these giant conglomerates are trying to compete against Amazon, it is quite doubtful if they would actually be able to reach the heights that Amazon has. For, it is after all, an e-commerce website. And the current situation is extremely conducive to their survival and growth. 

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