Here Are 10 Major Announcements From The Latest Amazon Event

Amazon event

From Ring updates, new echo devices, a cloud gaming service, and more, the latest Amazon event was here to blow everyone’s minds. Here are 10 major announcements that you need to know. 

10 Major Updates From The Amazon Event

Echo Dot With Clock, Echo Dot, Sphere Shaped Echo

Amazon event
Here Are 10 Major Announcements From The Latest Amazon Event 3

What’s better than one Amazon Echo? Three kinds of Amazon Echo! And that’s exactly what Amazon gave us in it’s latest event. 

The spherical Echo stands at $99 and will be officially released on the 22nd of October. It has adaptive and premium sounds and supports Zigbee. 

The tinier version, the Echo Dot, stands at $49. Meanwhile, the Echo Dot with a Clock stands at $59.99. You can preorder yours today. Furthermore, there are several cute designs Like tiger and panda available. 

Another thing that’s gotten everyone excited from the lastest Amazon event is that the company profiles several young children’s voices. So, now Alexa can easily identify and respond to your kid’s questions.

Movable Echo Show 10 Revealed At Amazon Event

This update will be seen as completely fascinating to some and creepy to others. Did you feel like your AI seemed human? Well, now the Echo Show 10 can move its head to follow you. If you are interacting with the device, it will face you every time you move. This smart display stands at $249.99. Even though Amazon has not revealed its official release date yet, Amazon preorders have begun. 

Apart from Hulu and Amazon Prime, Echo Show 10 will also allow you to watch Netflix now. 

Amazon Luna Revealed

Amazon Luna, the company’s latest cloud gaming service will give you access to around 100 games. It’s not only supported in Windows, Android, macOS but also in iPads and iPhones. Interested users can register for early access right now. Furthermore, the controller, if used with Amazon’s Cloud Direct, will give you less latency. It currently stands at $49.99.

Amazon Ring Will Secure Your Home With A Drone

During the Amazon event, the company made one of its most popular reveals. It’s Amazon’s Always Home Cam. This drone can charge itself and fly to your home to check on your surroundings. The company will begin shipping Always Home Cam by 2021. It currently stands at $249.99. 

Updates Fire TV Stick Revealed During Exclusive Amazon Event

Amazon event
Here Are 10 Major Announcements From The Latest Amazon Event 4

Amazon’s new and updated Fire TV Stick has Dolby Atmos, Alexa Voice Remote, and HD Streaming. Currently, it’s priced at $39.99. If you are interested in the product but don’t want to spend too much, you can check out the Fire TV Stick Lite. It stands at $29.99 and comes with similar but simplified features. They will be released into the market on the 30th of September. 

Eero Pro 6 And Eero 6 Revealed

Eero Pro 6 and Eero 6 are Amazon’s new Wifi routers. They support Alexa and Zigbee Smart Home Hub. The total cost for Eero 6 stands at $129.99. Meanwhile, the Eero Pro 6 comes for $229.99. Amazon preorders for these products are available right now.  

Sophisticated Car Security Cameras Revealed At Amazon Event

It’s not just streaming sites and AI products, Amazon is now manufacturing sophisticated care security cameras as well. The two revealed recently at the exclusive Amazon event are Car Cam and Car Alarm. These products will be made available in the market by 2021. 

Furthermore, the company also revealed Ring Car Connect. This is an API feature that other car manufacturing companies can utilise to integrate security cameras with this feature. 

Moreover, Amazon Ring will also be providing a completely secured end to end encrypted platforms. By the end of 2020, secured video content will be made available by Ring. 

Processor Used By Amazon To Upgrade Alexa Revealed At Exclusive Amazon Event  

Amazon announced that they have updated Alexa to make the AI respond faster to voice commands and questions. What’s more? The company revealed the processor heh used to do so. It’s a chip called AZ1 Neural Edge. This chip allows Alexa to respond faster at Alexa will process questions on-device. It’s inbuilt into Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot Kud, Echo Show 10, and the Echo Dot with Clock. 

Furthermore, the company also revealed that Alexa is now capable of cross-questioning users. If you ask a question that’s not immediately clear, Alexa can now ask you multiple questions to clarify the primary doubt. Another awesome demo given at the Amazon event showed that Alexa could distinguish between instances where users were talking to her and when users were communicating amongst themselves. 

Energy Efficient Low Power More Made Available By Amazon

Amazon has been aiming to create more environmentally friendly products. This feature is one step towards the company’s efforts. They also mentioned that this Low Power mode will be made available to other older devices through software updates. 

Not just this, the exclusive Amazon event also revealed that all its users will be provided with an energy-efficient dashboard. This dashboard will show customers how much energy each of their Amazon products is using. Devices like Alexa and Echo models will have this feature. 

Amazon Echo Device’s Get Enhanced Security With Alexa Guard Plus

In their long line of security products, Amazon also revealed its latest Alexa Guard Plus. This feature will allow users to control their echo devices with enhanced security. It stands at $4.99 a month. This update is in addition to Amazon’s already free and available Alexa Guard Monitoring And Security System. 

With these major announcements during the Amazon event, it sure looks like the company is ready to win 2020.