You Can Now Access Amazon Luna Through Your iOS Device

Amazon Luna

The tech giant made several announcements today. Among many, the company revealed that Amazon Luna will support multiple devices, including windows, android, iPad, and iPhones. Amazon also announced updated Echo services and products. 

Amazon Luna is Amazon’s latest cloud gaming service. It allows users to access more than 100 games. These games will include some really popular titles like Resident Evil 7, Panzer Dragoon, The Surge 2, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Control. Amazon also revealed that it will further release equally exciting titles in the coming future. 

Amazon Luna Subscribers To Get Access To Ubisoft Games

The company also revealed that since they have a deal with Ubisoft, gamers using Amazon Luna will be able to access Ubisoft’s one specific channel. Users will be able to enjoy games like Far Cry 6, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Assassins Creed Valhalla. 

Moreover, users will enjoy a resolution of 4K and 60fps. The platform is powered by Amazon Web Services. 

As per reports, Amazon Luna will be available for macOS, Windows, Android, and ios, which is quite surprising. iOS users can access Amazon Luna as a web app. How this is going to work? We are still not clear on that as Amazon will reveal further details later. 

Earlier this month, Apple announced that they are updating their AppStore guidelines. This update will allow users to stream games if each game has been submitted to the app store as one compact app and if they fit Apple’s guidelines. Moreover, if a company does not agree with the AppStore policy, it can offer those apps as web apps. However, web apps will have limited features in comparison to other native iOS apps. 

Apple will review each game separately if a company wishes to get access to Apple’s AppStore. The company has also asked developers to provide metadata and in-app purchases. 

Will Amazon Submit Each Game As Separate App To Apple’s AppStore?

We are still not clear if Amazon is planning to navigate through this guideline. If they decide to submit each game as a separate app, it will be quite a day for iOS gamers. However, if they decide to offer their games as web apps, they will have to figure out how to distribute game sensors and controls. What we know is that Amazon Luna is a sure guarantee!

While Google and Microsoft are some of the top companies that don’t offer their games for iOS devices due to Apple’s strict guidelines, it is possible that Amazon will comply with Apple’s rules. This is because both the companies already have special deals in place. Amazon Prime Video is available on Apple’s AppStore. 

For American users, Amazon Luna stands at $5.99 a month.