Royole Releases A Foldable Phone That Supports 5G

foldable Phone

What’s chic and modern? Royole’s latest 5G foldable Phone. People are understandably going gaga over this less than $1,500 foldable phone. We get the hype. Here’s everything that we know about Royole’s latest reveal. 

Last year, beating Huawei and Samsung, Royole became the first phone-maker to release a foldable phone. Although the phone did not receive all that validation or profit that it was expecting, it looks like the Chinese company is back to claim the hype. Will Royole’s latest 5G update win the company everything it has hoped for last year? Only time will tell. What we will tell you are the impressive details revealed by the company. 

Royole Releases Flexpai 2 Amidst Much Anticipation

During a virtual event on Tuesday, the company revealed Flexpai 2, which is the updated foldable phone released last year. The event was live-streamed from Shenzhen, a major Chinese city. 

What are the features? Well, this foldable phone can be opened and closed just like any boos. When the flexible screen is opened, it stretches up to 7.8 inches. Moreover, it is powered by the latest SnapDragon 865 chip. It’s module is a quad-camera. And, it has a 4,450 mAh battery. One of the most exciting news is that its 5G capacity includes nine bands and covers major global regions like Europe, China, and the US, as per the Royole CEO, Bill Liu. 

The latest model has a lighter design and is 49 percent thinner than the last foldable phone. When it is not folded, it measures around 0.24 inches wide and around half an inch when it is folded. This feature helps Royole surpass Samsung’s record, making this phone much thinner than the Galaxy Fold 2. 

Foldable Phone Stands For $1,470

Representatives from Royole further revealed that the major upgrade it has made is to the phone’s hinge. The hinge is the back of the phone. As per the company, the wearproof hinge can endure up to 1.8 million folds. These claims have not been independently verified by us yet. 

Flexpai 2’s predecessor was revealed during CES 2019. It has a 1440 p resolution and a 7.8-inch bendable screen. The main reasons this phone has received criticism was because of its prototype-like and clunky design. Many users had also complained about the software being filled with bugs. Moreover, users had a problem with the user interface as well. 

The company recently announced that all these issues have been resolved. 

Royole, despite being the first company to release foldable phones, was forgotten because of strong rival companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola. 

The Flexpai 2 boasts 256GB storage and 8GB RAM. It is available for $1,470 apiece on the company’s website. It’s further run by Android Water OS 2.0. 

With the latest upgrade, will Royole’s 5G foldable phone make a solid comeback?