Unemployment Benefits Might Still be Delayed Even With a Stimulus Deal

Stimulus check
stimulus check

Unemployment benefits might reach the citizens pretty late, despite Congress setting up a stimulus deal in place to help the citizens and the American economy. Nevertheless, there is still a silver lining- that the unemployment benefits are guaranteed. Unfortunately, some might see their previous benefits lapse due to the outdated systems used by the IRS.

It is being reported that the lag will definitely affect close to 12 million Americans. With the benefits lapsing the day after Christmas, many would fall below the poverty line if the legislators didn’t fix a stimulus deal in place. Elizabeth Pancotti from Employ America has stated that the situation is already out of control. There was a huge chance to bring out the stimulus deal by Thanksgiving- and now that window is lost. 

How long will it take for Unemployment Benefits?

Pancotti has estimated that the benefits might be coming in pretty late- around three to eight weeks, for those whose benefits lapse on 26th December. She believes that while people would be expecting to see the unemployment benefits hitting the first week of the new year, it would not be the case.

The delay will mostly be a result of programming difficulties in computer systems. With the outdated system still used by the IRS, it is pretty ascertained that they don’t have the relative technology or the resources to add programs to the systems instantly. Michele Evermore believes it will take close to two weeks for the systems to come into place. 

She stated previously that there could be a possibility of a few states pulling off a miracle- since they already have the knowledge. But, the acceleration of unemployment benefits might be above their pay grade.