Uniswap v3 Seems To Have Been Warped Into StarkNet

Uniswap V3

Nethermind, a development company for Ethereum, recently announced that it had compiled and transpiled Uniswap v3 on Warp.

For those who are unaware, they basically shifted the decentralized exchange to a project that had been designed to allow the users of Ethereum to start swapping tokens on the more scalable Ethereum layer-2 network of StarkNet. This milestone was then announced by a team that was led by Jorik Schellekens in an October 9 Medium Post. Nethermind has always described Warp as a Solidity to Cairo Transpiler, which does enable any project based on Ethereum that is written in Solidity to transform its codebase on StarkNet- which would further allow them to capitalize on far cheaper fees. 

Uniswap v3 To Be Transpiled by StarkNet

Again, transpiling is the process through which a written source code is taken from one programming language and then transformed into another language that also has quite a similar level of abstraction. In this particular case, Warp has transpiled the code of Solidity to Cairo- which is also the programming language that is majorly used to write most of the applications on StarkNet. Since the plugin of Warp is still under major development, Schellekens did add that Nethermind would soon be having the entire test suite of Uniswap V3 running against an implementation of Uniswap that had been previously deployed on the StarkNet. 

This milestone did come after the new contraction creation from other contracts capability that StarkNet did accrue- something that enabled Warp to deploy, as well as transpile every file of Solidity from Uniswap v3. Schellekens also went on to note the importance of this event- given the sheer depth of the codebase of Uniswap, which should ideally allow projects of multiple sizes to get into StarkNet.