Update On The 4th Stimulus Check: Benefits Vary Across States

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Chances of the 4th stimulus check appear to be on hold as the federal administration is preoccupied with the infrastructure bill. But states from California to Texas have come up with their stimulus checks to help their residents as the economic downturn continues following the pandemic.

The 3 rounds of stimulus checks had been the sole source of income for many citizens during the peak months of the pandemic. But with the funds drying up, the onus has shifted to the state governments.

The benefits vary, with each passing week as states come up with fresh incentives for their residents.

Stimulus Check Benefits Vary Across States

Alaskans will receive financial benefits under the Extended Benefits Program. This will ensure stimulus checks for around 13 – 20 weeks. But future payments will go out to certain residents and will depend upon how much they have already received.

Arizona has offered a one-time $1,000 stimulus check to encourage workers to join the workforce. With unemployment rates high in the state, it is the best way to induce people to come back to work.

California is the sole state to give stimulus checks to all its residents. The payments will vary between $600 and $1,100 depending on the family members.

Connecticut has also come up with a back-to-work program that pays $1,000 to people who return to work after 8 weeks without a job.

Florida has rewarded its teachers and school administrators with a $1,000 payment. The state has also announced a $5,000 incentive for police officers from other states to move to Florida if they are forced to reveal their vaccination status.

Georgia is also giving out checks along similar lines, with $500 going to part-time teachers and school administrators and double that amount to full-timers.

Idaho has announced a single tax rebate while Indiana has announced that it will continue paying the federal unemployment benefits.