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Missed Out On Your $1,400 Stimulus Check? Track It Though The IRS Tool

A majority of the third stimulus checks have been sent by the IRS. Starting April, they have also been sending the plus-up checks to square up the accounts of those who have missed out on the full amount in the initial check. But many are yet to get their check and if you are among those who have missed out, the IRS Get My Payment tracker should be your first port of call.

The IRS has sent out the stimulus checks through various modes of payment. The initial payments were through direct deposit to bank accounts. After March 24, most payments have gone through the US postal services as paper checks or prepaid debit cards.

Getting The Correct Status Of Your Stimulus Check

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So you need to first ascertain that your payment has not been delayed by the US postal service or isn’t pending a deposit in your bank. You can use the USPS free tool to track your mail. Contact your bank for any pending deposits.

This is where the Get My Payment tracker is useful. Let’s begin by mentioning what it doesn’t tell you. You will not get to see the amount that has been sent through your stimulus check. And if you are sent a plus-up check, the status of the initial payment will not be seen any longer in the tracker. You’ll only get the status of the follow-up payment.

The IRS tracker only gives the date your payment was sent and the mode of payment. And you will see one of these messages in your tracker.

The Payment Status

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This message confirms that your payment is on schedule and will be sent on the date shown either through direct deposit or the postal service. The message also indicates that your payment will be processed, but the date isn’t available.

Payment Status Not Available

It means that your payment has not been processed, hence the message.

But it may also indicate that for various reasons, you are unqualified for a stimulus check.

Need More Information

stimulus check
stimulus check

It indicates that though your account was processed, the IRS doesn’t have your bank account information and the payment has not been issued.

The message could also indicate that your stimulus check was returned by the postal department as they were unable to trace your address.

It is important to note that the details of the first and second stimulus check don’t appear on the IRS tracker.

Updating Your Bank Details And Changing Your Address With The IRS

You can enter an account and routing number if you receive this information in your tracker. Avail of the Direct Deposit button and go through the security process.

Kindly note that this option does not work when the IRS has your account information. It is not possible to update existing account information through the tracker.

If your payment was returned due to an incorrect address, you have to update your address before a fresh check is issued for the updated address.

Filing fresh returns is the easiest option to update your mail address. But you can also go in for an oral notification, giving the full name, address, old address, date of birth, and Social Security number. You can also use IRS form 8822 for a change of address. The fourth option is to send a written statement with all the necessary details.

It is also important to note that the Get My Payment tracker is updated only once at the end of each day. So do not expect hourly updates.

Finally do not call the IRS representative. They will not have more information than that already shown on the tracker.

What If My Check Was Sent?

Since you have details of the mode of payment, you need to first ascertain the ideal delivery time of different stimulus checks. For instance, it takes around 5 days for a direct transfer of a stimulus payment.

For a paper check to arrive, you might need to wait for up to 4 weeks. If it doesn’t arrive by then, or if the US postal service tool doesn’t help you, you need to file a payment trace with the IRS. But you need to have a copy of the Notice 1444-C sent by the IRS. 

Tracking Letters Sent By The USPS

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The US postal service uses its tracker to trace mail. Called Informed Delivery, this tool automatically tracks your letter and lets you know when the letter is going to be delivered.

Notice 1444-C From The IRS

The IRS sends a letter a couple of weeks after sending the stimulus check. This letter is a confirmation of your payment. This letter contains additional information on the date and mode of payment. It also contains details on how to take up the matter of underpayment.

You can also get most of the information by logging into the website.

Additional Information For The SSDI, SSI Are Given Out By The IRS

The Social Security beneficiaries and the veterans received their stimulus checks a month later starting April 7. Such recipients can use the IRS tracker for updates on their payments.

Updates On The First And Second Stimulus Check

The IRS has stopped sending out the first and second stimulus payments. If you feel that you were owed money, you should file a Recovery Rebate Credit along with your 2020 returns. As the extended date for filing the returns passed on May 17, you can file for a tax extension.

You need to first ascertain the amount that the IRS owes you against the first and second stimulus checks. You can get the details online or from Notice 1444-C sent by the IRS.

As you will no longer get updates on the Get My Payment tracker, you will have to register and check your IRS account for details on the initial stimulus payments.

Adding The Banking Details For Direct Deposit Through The IRS Tracker

The IRS generally stopped sending stimulus payments after March 24. Only Social Security recipients are receiving payment through this method. But it is not possible to add a new account through the Get My Payment tool.

If the IRS is not able to deposit your stimulus check in your bank account, the amount will be reissued as a paper check and sent through the US postal service.

If you have filed jointly, and still residing with the same spouse, you and your spouse both need to provide their names and other details, and also their signatures on the form or statement.

And if you have filed jointly, but live separately now, both have to give separate notification and personal details.

It takes four to six weeks for the change of address request to take effect.  

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