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Voyager Disagree On Alameda Offer

Voyager is one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. They are one of the prominent crypto lending companies in the world. The company has been a topic of discussion in recent times as they have refused a proposal of a buyout from FTX and Alameda. The company was given an offer of a buyout that did not please the lawyers. They stated that the offer did not seem to have any seriousness in the first place. They also stated that it failed to explain the benefits that it would be offering to the investors. The lawyers said that the offer did not have the potential to maximize its value.

The offer was also accused of having harmful consequences for its customers. Alameda FTX was also called out for violating a number of obligations to the Bankruptcy Court and to its Debtors. The company said that they have designed their very own plan to restructure the company. The plan received positive feedback and promised to give back the money to all of its customers. Voyager also vowed to return as many cryptocurrencies to their customers as they can. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Voyager Turns Down Deal From Alameda 

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Voyager was quick to turn down a buyout offer from Alameda after careful inspection. The offer seemed to lack merit and did more harm to their investors than good. The cryptocurrency market has been going through one of the toughest phases at the moment. Most companies in the market have incurred significant amounts of loss. 

Even companies like Bitcoin and Ethereum saw the price of their shares dip to new lows. Voyager also suffered the wrath of the downward trend and declared bankruptcy earlier in the month.

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