Ways of Video Marketing for Social Media Platforms

video content ideas
video content ideas

People spend a lot of time watching videos on the internet. According to a report, in the year 2021, a person will spend around 100 minutes a day watching videos on social media. The marketers need to do comprehensive research and know all the statistics before they start developing video marketing strategies for social media such as Facebook or Instagram,

While video marketing is in the market for a very long time, marketers using strategies always keep changing. Social media platforms help to increase brand engagement for a product.  

Good news! We are not limited to watching advertisements on television or educational videos. The introduction to live streaming videos makes it easier to build brand authenticity and enter the video marketing world. 

Before starting up, let us understand what is video marketing? 

Video marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies used by digital marketing teams where you can create, then curate, and ultimately utilize videos like one effective tool of marketing for the product they sell or service they offer. These videos are created by keeping the target audiences in mind. It is really important to keep the target audience engaged.  

With the increase in the use of social media, marketers are using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube to make use of video marketing for their products. 

According to Small Business Trends, here are a few things to know while creating video campaigns for social media. Creating video marketing strategies for social media is a great way to engage with the audiences you have already engaged with through various means. Not to forget YouTube is the king of video content, but social media users watching videos on Facebook and other platforms is increasing. 

It is important to put in the same efforts for creating social media strategies like any other marketing strategy. Here is a list of steps in planning a social media strategy for your brand. 

  1. Set your marketing goal: It is really important to set a goal before planning a marketing strategy. You need to have a clear idea about which goal you want to achieve. It is recommended to have one goal if you are a beginner. You always need to start with brand awareness as your goal. It is said that setting your marketing goals and identifying the funnel stage will help to create an effective call to action for your videos. 
  1. Define your audience and the social media platform: every social media platform supports different video platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube support different types of videos. On the other hand, platforms like Snapchat, TikTok only follow one video creation format. 

If you haven’t used any of the platforms, begin with the platform where you have an existing audience base. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are becoming very popular, and the number of users is also increasing. So, you can start with any of the three platforms for video marketing. 

  1. Types of video you want to create: There are different types of videos that are available, and we barely have any idea about which one works best for social media platforms. Before you start, you need to choose the type of video you will be creating for video marketing campaigns. There are several video types we are unaware of. Here is a list of video types that work well for video marketing campaigns. You can use Educational videos behind the scenes, Expert Interviews, Entertainment, Testimonial, Instructional, and much more.
  1. Curate your video and share it: Once you have planned on the type of video, the next and the most important step is to create your video. You need to prepare a script, storyboard, characters for your video. Remember, the easy platform has its criteria for videos. It is important to create videos that match these criteria. For example, Instagram does not support GIFs. The length of the video also plays an important role. Here is a list of social media platforms with their recommended time-durations. 
  • Instagram: 30 seconds 
  • Twitter: 45 seconds 
  • Facebook: 1 minute 
  • YouTube: 2 minutes 

Once you have completed creating and editing the video, it is important to make sure it meets standards and caters to your needs. Once the video is ready, you can share it on different social media platforms.  

  1. Analysis of the video: It is important to analyze the reach and the engagement of the video. Analyzing the video will help you understand the effectiveness of the video and ways you can improve your video and target more audiences. You can make use of Facebook Analysis, Instagram Analysis, and other analytical tools which will help you understand the reach and improvements. 

Tip: you can also schedule and promote your video on different platforms. For example, you can take an extract from your video and create a poster and post it on your social media platform. This will help to reach more audiences and will persuade them to click on the video link. 

The next question is, why is video marketing important for my brand? 

With millions of people watching videos on social media, video marketing has the energy to engage and drive the audience towards your brand. This helps to increase marketing ROI. 

Many tools are available online, which will help you to create videos instantly. One of the best tools available online is Invideo. You can create videos for the video marketing campaigns in minutes with the help of this easy-to-use tool.