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Friday, January 27, 2023

Web3: A Place To Be For Tech Talents

Web3 Companies are still open to hiring as many giants in the field are retrenching and fresh hiring comes to a standstill. 

With surmounting inflation and fear of recession, companies have started taking preventive methods to keep their head above the water. They have cut down on their staff that they feel they can very much do without. As per data, roughly 700 such companies have taken to laying off their employees. Approx 100 k people’s lives have taken a hit. They have been badly affected. There are reports of Apple, Google, and Netflix taking the same route and cutting jobs.

Web3: Place Where Layed Offs Find Solace

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With the economic conditions taking a downward spiral, many tech persons who have had to face the firing have found their way to the newly formed web3 companies. These companies have given them a chance to survive.

Andrew Masanto, an entrepreneur who has initiated many startups and has been credited for them has recently launched Nillion, with the intention of decentralized computing which will help in ensuring confidentiality and privacy on the web3 platform.

Even though the company is at a very nascent stage, it has managed to garner much attention because of its tech innovation. The company since its inception in Oct of 2022 is attracting top talents from tech giants like Indiegogo, Coinbase, and Nike.

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Founder of Indiegogo, Salva Rubin, has in the recent past taken up a job at Nillion as their Chief Business Officer. It gave him an opportunity to bring with him an innovative model of business.

MultiParty Computation is not fast and has limited applications, the idea of advancing the tech for MCP was the reason behind Lindsay Cohen joining Nillion. Prior to this, she was with Coinbase, where she was serving as an associate counsel general. She says she left Coinbase to accept the challenge of advancing MPC.

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