What Is A Bitcoin Whale? And How Can You Find It?

Bitcoin Whale

Many people may not know properly about Bitcoin Whales. However, those currently investing in cryptocurrency may have an idea about it. However, they still don’t know how to track these whales’ activities, orders, addresses, and sudden changes in the market. 

Thus, we did a little research to find everything we could about these whales. 

Bitcoin Whales Are Responsible For The Sudden Fluctuations of the Market

Whales are very much capable of market price manipulations. This makes it harder for general BTC investors to understand the market. 

The addresses that contain huge amounts of BTCs are the Bitcoin Whales. Small-time investors, if they could find the accounts of the whales, might have a profitable trade even though the markets are always fluctuating. 

The coin whales often transfer large amounts to another wallet address. This often leads to negative impacts on the price of these coins. 

If you are a small-time investor, try to find out the known whales of the market. It can give you a headstart in the crypto market. Many free services can help you be up-to-date with the successful trades by the Bitcoin Whales. There are accounts like @Whale_alert on social media platforms like Twitter that can help you with larger transactions. 

Cointelegraph, with its recent update on the market, has revealed that the Whale traders are not acting on current prices. An analyst from BlockTrends has supported our statement by highlighting the recent activities of a whale trader as “hibernation.” 

Some altcoins are also continuing to follow the bearish market BTC is facing, and thus the Bitcoin Whales await the green light to flash across the crypto market before they come out of their hibernation.