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What is Nexcom Global?

Nexcom A/S is a developer of IT (information technology) solutions for enhancing customer service functions and improving end clients’ satisfaction. Nexcom offers interaction AI (artificial intelligence), digital process optimization, and digital workflow.

Nexcom has its headquarters in Copenhagen; Denmark, and has offices in Berlin; Germany, London; United Kingdom (UK), Stockholm; Sweden, and New York; United States (US).

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Nexcom Global usually works with multinational companies that have massive customer bases such as Groupon, Telenor Group, and Telia.

Which Services Does Nexcom Offer?

Nexcom has operations in three key segments; VAS (virtual assistant software), TAS (transaction monitoring software), and WAS (workflow automation software).

Nexcom’s products are looking to simplify the complex challenges of customer support and help its clients provide the end customer with an enjoyable and effective experience.

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These products include:


RevealCX is an online-based quality checking platform used in massive customer support centers to streamline and optimize customer contact.

By identifying hiccups in customer contact, firms get a rough idea and understanding of the things that take place in customer inquiry handling.

In addition, firms get to know the areas to focus on in order to improve performance and boost the number of correctly handled inquiries.

RevealCX helps companies to:

  1. Achieve improvements in sales and customer support.
  2. Collect business intelligence.
  3. Identify factors causing customer support errors.
  4. Transform customer support centers to also provide insight into customer experience.


eTray is a workflow management program that handles and automates tasks and workflow. This software makes customer support centers more effective by enhancing the quality of services offered, for instance, through faster response time on inquiries.

eTray supports optimizing and automating workflow and handling written inquiries such as contracts, emails, faxes, letters, text messages, etc. It also distributes them to the relevant staff via a defined flow system based on the company’s needs. eTray must be adjusted and implemented to fit an individual company’s needs and terms.

Nextgen AI

Currently, Nexcom Global utilizes ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) in their products to simplify everyday work life for individual employees and make support center workflows more efficient.

What’s more, Nexcom is designing a next-gen AI-based on eTray and RevealCX. The extension will draw on machine learning and speech recognition to help customer support staff with answers in real-time and ensure customer data submission to CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

Nexcom’s Nextgen AI module is expected to be ready by the end of 2021, and based on initial tests when fully developed, the system will be able to reduce processing times for each client call by more than a minute. This means that a medium-sized telecom firm with about two million calls can save on more than 100 full-time staff.

What Are Nexcom’s Services Like?

It’s estimated that bad customer services cost multinational companies upwards of 62 billion dollars a year. Bad customer service is quite a serious issue and can destroy a business’s workflow entirely, and this is where solutions such as Nexcom come in.

Nexcom has already cut a niche for itself in innovation and helping clients retain customers. It has three new cutting-edge technology projects that continue to help more businesses embrace the digital revolution.

With over 40,000 companies using Nexcom’s software to serve customers every day, the company is currently offering its services in 11 different countries across the globe and in 23 different languages.

The emphasis on customer satisfaction has caused Nexcom’s revenues to be on the upward trend for quite some time now. Nexcom Global is currently generating revenues of about 10.5 million DKK (Danish Krona), but the company is gearing towards generating revenues of 41 million DKK (Danish Krona) within the next three years.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, Nexcom is a company majoring in SaaS (software as a service) and is doing its job pretty well as per industry reports. As a matter of fact, Nexcom hasn’t lost a single client in the past nine years, which indicates the level of professionalism involved.

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