Where Does Congress Stand on the Newest Stimulus Check?

Stimulus Checks

Most of Florida is waiting for the Congress to come to a resolution with regards to the new Stimulus check. The talks have been going on for quite some weeks now, but it appears to have been stalled now. Most of the flight attendants who are associated with some of the biggest airlines have been furloughed in the state. Around 1100 flight attendants who are based in Miami are currently unemployed, according to officials at the Union. And the crowd has expanded considerably since then- close to a thousand workers at Disney have been laid off- joining the 750,000 Floridians who are currently seeking work- all in wait for the stimulus check. 

The Problems Faced By the Residents of Florida in the Absence of a Stimulus Check

Josh Bounds, a flight attendant who has been furloughed for quite some time now, spoke about how this uncertainty is driving everyone insane. No one has any clue as to what could possibly happen, and no one has any way of preparing for the future. The leaders in Congress have been halted with needs on several different fronts- some of the major industries like Airlines need payment to pay their employees, while there are several thousand unemployed Americans who need unemployment benefits. The stimulus check will simply be a pot of Gold for these people- as the possibility keeps on dipping. 

Goes without saying, the absence of a stimulus check has quite a major impact on citizens of Florida. If they are not provided any unemployment assistance from the federal government, they would be receiving just $200 in benefits from the state. The Democrats in both the Houses did pass two sweeping bills that tried to cover a number of these areas. Unfortunately, these bills weren’t much accounted for when it came to the Senate- which is Republican-controlled. Most legislators currently are trying to pass bills that tackle small, individual issues- like airline assistance, and stimulus checks- separately. 

How Are The Two Houses Handling the Stimulus Check Negotiations?

Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff at the Oval Office mentioned that it was pretty obvious that a comprehensive bill at this stage would be a Democratic bill completely- with no support from the Republicans. On the other hand, the Republicans decided to bring out a ‘skinny bill’, something the Democrats rejected outright because the bill was too narrow in its scope. 

Soon, President Donald Trump sent out a tweet that asked Republicans to stop negotiating with Democrats on a stimulus check until the elections were done. But later he tweeted that he would definitely want to see a new deal that would promise the $1200 stimulus checks. 

Ted Dutch of Boca Raton mentioned that this wasn’t any form of leadership. The majority in the Senate belonged to the Republicans and they simply refused to negotiate. He further asked the Senators of Florida- Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott to help the others negotiate a stimulus check. Several other members of Congress issued requests to help strengthen the negotiations- so that none would refuse to be a part of it. 

The stimulus check needs to be passed soon- simply because the American economy is currently sinking under the pressure of recession, and the pandemic. If they don’t want to have the largest demographic of the population under ‘unemployed’, they need to see this through.