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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Why Does A Desperate Get Away From Rockets Planned By Russell Westbrook?

After going in with the Rockets, Russell Westbrook now seems pretty desperate to get out of the whole situation. Russell seemed to be doing quite well during the Houston season. However, things fell back a little due to the coronavirus pandemic. The center of Clint Capela was traded away by the Rockets coming close to the deadline. This situation paved the way for Westbrook to approach the rim quite aggressively.

Russell Westbrook’s current status 

The team had reached the semifinals of the Western Conference. The partnership that Westbrook was sharing with Janes Harden seemed to be going well. During this time the champion Lakers had bounced Houston in five consecutive games. Some experts of the field are now claiming that the Knicks are among the probable suitors with whom Westbrook might consider trading quite seriously. Many are saying that another possible suitor that could do well in a deal with Westbrook is the Hornets. It is quite clear that people have high hopes for a famous player like Russell. Therefore, it is naturally being expected that he is going to perform his best in all the upcoming ventures. To Russell Westbrook, it should not matter who he is playing for when it comes to his performance as a player. 

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Rockets are having some hitches going on in the ongoing deal with Westbrook. It is being claimed by many reliable sources. There is also some news about the Hardens being locked for some of the upcoming seasons in the coming months. All eyes are now on how the Rockets fare in this deal. However, it is now confirmed that Russell Westbrook is trying its best to make his way out. 

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