Chicago Fire Entertainment Shuts Production Down After Positive Tests Of COVID-19

Chicago Fire Entertainment
Chicago Fire Entertainment

After getting some COVID-19 positives, the production of the Chicago Fire entertainment has been halted for some time now. After the positive results of the tests, the production is expected to cease from functioning for almost the next two weeks. Many members of the team of production fell ill and eventually tested positive for the dreadful coronavirus. This incident was recorded when a routine checkup of the team was taking place to maintain the safety protocols. 

Recently, to maintain the health of the people of the production of season 9 of the NBC drama, the show was halted. It was said that people who were affected by the virus had some close interactions with some members of the cast and crew. On the 6th of October, the product went back to work, after stopping for the first time in March when the whole pandemic situation had ensued. 

Chicago Med is now filming the 6th season. This season premiere took place on Wednesday alongside Chicago P.D and Chicago Fire. The production is taking extra caution regarding the ongoing pandemic. Sources confirmed that the production is going utmost importance to the health factor due to the rampage of the deadly virus. This is the reason why the management has decided to shut down the production for two whole weeks to ensure the safety of the staff. Many other productions of very popular series have taken up strict measures to deal with the pandemic situation. It is being said that shutting down from time to time is now going to become a part of the new normal. Therefore, it is going to be some time before the production of the Chicago Fire restarts their work.