Ring Doorbell Recalls After Fire Mishaps Of 350,000 Smart Doorbells

Ring Doorbell Recalls
Ring Doorbell Recalls

There have been several incidents of video doorbells catching fire all of a sudden. Therefore, recalling of Amazon subsidiary Ring is taking place. The impact of the fire mishaps has been severe on the customer base of the product. The effect of this situation has fallen on the customer base of both Canada as well as the U.S.A. the safety of the customers has been compromised by this product and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission does not seem very happy about it.  The authority claims that many doorbells were sold by the official website of the Ring as well as the Amazon selling website that is more commonly used. 

A major sale took place between June and October 2020. There has been a notice issued by the company to raise caution about the product. It is being said that in case of a faulty installation this kind of unfortunate incident could take place. The notice said that if screws are placed in the wrong places then the machine could overheat. It is being assumed that the overheating of the doorbell is the cause of the fire mishaps that took place in different places and raised the alarm among the customers.  

Fire Mishap and measures by Ring

The management of Ring is carrying out a recall of all of their doorbells. It has been said by the management of the company that the costumes do not need to return the devices that are already installed. The official website of the company has also issued a link through which the users of the product can check whether their devices are affected by the recall of the Ring or not. This activity can be carried out by entering the serial and model number printed on the backside of the bells. It is being expected that the Ring doorbell recall is going to fix the situation.