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Clint Black And Lisa Hartman Appear In Snowy Owl Avatar For The Masked Singer

The first costumes for a duet for the popular show The Masked Singer have been revealed recently. The remaining celebrities who have also taken disguise had a tough competition for the top Super Six list on Wednesday. Only two costumes could secure a spot in the competition on Wednesday. Three contestants were seen performing in the episode of The Masked Singer on Wednesday. The show was going to have a Super Six section and two out of the three costumes that contested on Wednesday were selected. 

Top Super Six of The Masked Singer

The group A finals had Popcorns, Snowy Owls, and Sun contesting against each other to get a place among the top Super Six. Each group had a special agenda attached to the cause of their performance, and no doubt all of the performances were outstanding. Blimps were placed above the stage that implied that the nests were empty for the Snowy Owls. There was a touchdown for the Popcorns and some chalk rock was possessed by the Sun.

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 The performances commenced with the first act by the Sun.  There were several features added to the competition for this special episode. There were family members and some famous friends of the competitors who were given a chance to see through the disguises of the contestants as they took the stage. They were also allowed to offer some clues that could change the game. The Snowy Owls performed an act that included the famous song “The Prayer”  by renowned singers Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. Clint Black and his partner Lisa Hartman delivered a commendable performance.

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