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Britney Spears Legal Tiff With Father Takes A Set Back

Famous star Britney Spears was going through a major court bid with her father over a property matter for quite some time now. It is being said that the celebrity was going through this legal procedure to remove the control of her father over an estate. However, recently it was reported that Spears lost the court bid that was going to decide who was going to get control over the estates. 

The 38-year-old star has faced a legal setback after the court of the United States rejected her plea to remove her father from the controlling authority of her estate. Her father had been appointed the conservator of the estate, currently, the star is trying to use legal procedures to remove her father from the controlling body of her estates. 

Father Daughter Tiff Of the Spears

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The father-daughter duo of the Spears was going strong for a long time. Jamie Spears was serving as the legal guardian of the world-famous pop star for twelve long years. This was mainly happening because of some said mental health issues that Britney Spears was facing. Recently the pop star reported that she was extremely scared of her father. Her lawyer claimed that because of the uncomfortable situation going on with her father Britney Spears was unable to perform in the desired manner. Therefore, Spears’ team wanted her father removed from his position of authority to restore the star to normalcy.  

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