Everything You Need To Know About Domain Authority


Whether you have an online company or you are an independent blogger, understanding the internet’s algorithm is imperative to your success. We will explain to you how you can get more traffic to your website. Read ahead! 

Domain Authority Defined

With a score scale of 1 to 100, Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score. It tells you where your website stands on a search engine result page. 

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Google does not use this system to determine a website’s search rank. Neither does it have any effect on the SERPs

Nonetheless, this search engine ranking score provides you with an in-depth analysis of your website’s highs and lows. Taking into account various factors, it tells you what the problems are and how to fix it. 

How Do You Score Your Domain Authority?

If you are just starting out, your website will have a Domain Authority score of 1. As your website grows, and if you insert high-quality inbound links and external links, your DA score will grow too.

domain authority scoreThe best way to use this search engine ranking score is to use it as a tool for comparison. Compare your DA score with the websites you are competing with, and try to get a higher DA score. 

Domain Authority uses a 100-point logarithmic scale for its ranking, so it is much simpler to rise from a score of 20 to 30. It gets significantly difficult to rise from an already high score of 70 to 80. 

How To Get a High DA Score? 

One way you can score high is by influencing your SEO. Focus on inserting high-quality links from other sites to your website. 

Remember that it is a comparative tool. It predicts your website’s visibility among thousands of other websites, based on actual internet searches, and so your score is expected to fluctuate more often than not. Keep improving your internal SEO to maintain a high score. 

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Note that Domain Authority is not the same as Page Authority. DA analyses your website as a whole, while PA analyses pages as independent individuals. DA includes PA, not the other way around. 

Why Did Your DA Score Drop? 

To emphasize the point again, Domain Authority is not absolute, but a comparative metric. Your website’s score does not improve while other websites remain static. So, even if your SEO has improved, you might not rank the highest. 

Other reasons may include:

  1. Your competitors scored substantially higher for your score to grow any higher. 
  2. Your external links are not of high quality. 
  3. Domain Authority has acquired more domains of your kind, which leads to a relative fluctuation in your rank. 
  4. Domain Authority’s web index is yet to capture your link profile growth. 

Keep a check on your Domain Authority Score and take the virtual world by a storm!