Why is Targeted Lead Generation Important to Small Businesses?

How to Improve Lead Generation
How to Improve Lead Generation

Marketing isn’t about talking to everyone. Creating generic content with vague messages won’t appeal to the right audience. The key to effective lead generation is targeting.

Small businesses have more limited resources. Therefore, they must ensure every marketing effort goes in the right direction–and you can achieve this by crafting the campaign for a specific target market.

Before anything else, let’s review what is lead generation.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of developing a person’s interest in your business to the point where they interact with you. It is the first stage of converting an audience into a customer. All the leads you generate must be adequately nurtured through a well-designed sales funnel.

What Can You Achieve by Utilising Targeted Lead Generation?

1.  Your Resources Are Maximised

One of the most significant benefits of targeting is getting your entire team on the same page. You’ll have a clear direction for all your marketing initiatives if you know who you need to attract.

For example, a clothing line targeting sporty men ages 18 to 28 may integrate specific values into their brand persona. These may include determination, discipline, patience, and confidence. These must reflect everything related to the clothing line—from the logo and slogan to colours and graphics.

Your target market must be able to identify themselves with you. By representing their dreams, their victories, and even their challenges, you validate their feelings.”, says Shane Perry, a short term business lender from Max Funding.

It’s like saying, “Hey, we’re the same, and we can do it together!”.

2.  You’ll Be Able to Build Stronger Business Relationships

When you reach out to your target market with more personalised messages, you have more chances of getting noticed. The more specific a message is, the more a person feels “seen” and “fully understood”.  Just like in real-life situations, we tend to become attached to those who share our struggles, right?

For example, a local restaurant offering healthy meal subscriptions may target busy locals with an email saying, “No time for breakfast? Breakfast will meet at the office.”

3.  You’re Reaching Out to More Qualified Leads

Talking to people who have the problem/s your products or services can solve is more practical. They’re already looking for a solution; all you have to do is show them why you’re the best solution provider out there. If they’re satisfied, they can refer people who share the same problem/s.

Consider the automation software products used by 80% of marketers and simplify the hunt.

Moreover, more qualified leads can give you a fresher perspective of things. After experiencing your products/services, they can tell what specific areas need improvement. Consumers who don’t share the same problem/s may not see these right away.

4.  You’ll Stand Out

Once you start approaching the target market uniquely, you’ll be easier to remember. According to statistics, consumers prefer brands that give them a personalised experience.

For example, a real estate ad that says “1 bedroom, one bathroom apartment at the heart of the city” could be more attractive to young adults with no children working in the metro.

Target Your Leads Like Hitting A Bull Straight In The Eye

Always remember that the key to effective lead generation is targeting. Know your market and then craft a unique way to approach them using the power of neuroscience.

Apply the tried and true techniques mentioned above, and the will be no room for failure for your small business.