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WisdomTree Opts For Amendment Of ETF Application Of BTC

WisdomTree is one of the leading exchange-traded funds and is based in New York. The bank of the US had launched a service of custody for crypto investors. This was initiated in the month of October. The program was launched as a result of the partnership with the Digitalized investment chain of NY. 

The asset management company has opted the amendment for filing a BTC ETF. In a recent report, the company has listed the National Association Bank of the US as the custodian of its Bitcoin shares. Previously, a change of rule was proposed to the SEC. Unfortunately, the proposal from Cboe BZX Exchange was turned down. They were not ready to enlist them as their Bitcoin Trust. 

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The recent step might be an attempt from the company to reset the clock. Wisdom might be looking for a new Bitcoin ETF application spot. The amendment took place after two hundred and sixty-five days. They have also applied for a separate Ethereum ETF. The application was filed in May and is still waiting to be finalized. 

WisdomTree has a lot of funds under its belt. Over $76b assets are available for management. The company has also launched four indices of cryptocurrency. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

WisdomTree Aims For More 

WisdomTree has aimed to make more out of their business. As a result, they have initiated new indices. The indices have been launched all over Europe along with the United States. This would help their investors to expose themselves to diverse portfolios. 

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WisdomTree also has developed an ETP. This has huge exposure to a number of cryptocurrencies on the Euronext. These exchanges will provide the investors with exposure in the markets of Amsterdam and Paris. 

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