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Monday, October 18, 2021

World Of Warcraft’s Wandering Ancient Wins Vote In Both The EU And The NA

Shadowland, World of Warcraft’s next major expansion has been garnering a lot of attention from gamers because of the Blizzard polls. And the results are in. The Wandering Ancient has won in both significantly in both the NA and the EU polls. 

The World of Warcraft’s most recent expansion features a new stunt where a player can choose free mount if they play the afterlife-themed section. The gamers were given four options to choose from. They included Gooey Slime Saber, Soaring Soelltome, Nerubual Swarmer, Wandering Ancient, and the Curious Caterpillar. As already mentioned, the Wandering Ancient won by an overwhelming majority. 

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The total number of gamers that cast their votes came up to 259,000. And, the Wandering Ancient received a whopping 87,000 votes. The European Regions and North American gamers have spoken, and their choice is World of Warcraft’s Wandering Ancient. This new mount will be introduced in the coming year. 

The polls were open for two weeks for gamers to vote on their next World of Warcraft expansion mount preference. 

What Does The Ancient Wanderer In World Of Warcraft Do?

The original voting list defined all the potential mounts to the gamers. As described, the Ancient Wanderer has no interest in war or lore. The World of Warcraft creators describes the Ancient Wanderer as a Druid-themed mount that simply wants to roam around and travel across Azeroth. Their bodily features can be best described as leafy.

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These huge mounts are no doubt generating a wave of excitement amongst gamers. The gamers will mount the Ancient Wanderer and hold onto their branches for support. No design has been made official for the Ancient Wanderer. However, The Blue Post hinted that artists will get to work on it, and it will be ready for the launch of World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands by 2021. 

Fortunately, for the more curious gamers, there are several Ancient of War and Ancient of Lore characters in World of Warcraft. And, many fans have even posted sketches of what they are expecting the Ancient Wanderer to look like. 

Asmongold Not Happy With The Poll Result

The active fandom of World of Warcraft has several warring parties placing their bets on different mounts. As expected, several content creators and streamers used their fan base to influence the recent polling. 

Known gamer, Zack Asmongold, states that he wants the Curious Caterpillar to win. He added that no character in the World of Warcraft is similar to a caterpillar, and such a character would be super interesting. 

Right after the poll results were announced, Asmongold went on twitter and claimed that the polls were rigged. Several other gamers also expressed that a bulky mount is inefficient in moving around as they tend to be quite slow. 

However, The Blue Post has shown no indication of changing its results anytime soon. Looks like the World of Warcraft is ready to introduce the Ancient Wanderer soon. 

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