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Xbox Live Gold Price Updated

Microsoft had taken a few steps backward with regard to the increase in the price of Xbox Live which was quite a controversy. The company had made the announcement of the hike in the price not long ago.

The price stated by them would cause the players to make the payment of a double amount for a yearly subscription. This had to be done in order to enjoy any game on the Xbox consoles. However, Microsoft released a statement saying that there will be no changes in the price of the Xbox Live.

Xbox Live Gold Price Unchanged

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This is not it. Microsoft has also made another decision with regard to the games that are free-to-play. They had reached the decision according to which the Xbox Live will be brought in line with the online services on Nintendo and Sony. This will be made possible by causing the requirement of subscription for the free-to-play games to drop.

There are some of the popular titles that are free-to-play like Fortnite. These are the ones that can be played on the consoles of PlayStation as well as in the Nintendo Switch. They do not require any online subscription to do so. However, there has to be a subscription done for the Xbox consoles. Microsoft released a statement with regard to this concern. According to the company is working hard towards changing this system and is most likely to get it done in the months to come.

The company released a statement with regard to the ongoing issue of the Xbox Live. they mentioned that they have understood the importance of connecting to loved ones through games, and considering this fact, the price of the Xbox Live Gold will remain unchanged. They added that their decision caused a failure of expectations who count on connecting to their loved ones every day.

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