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Friday, March 5, 2021

The Tussle Between Ted Cruz And Seth Rogen Takes A Nasty Turn

U.S senator Ted Cruz and Seth Rogen have engaged in a fight with each other that seems to be a never-ending tussle. The senator recently attacked Rogen on Twitter by calling him a moron. Cruz also wrote that it is Rogen and his party who have faith in the government which will lead to the closure of business, oppression of faith, and restriction of speech. He also called Rogen to be a supporter of fascist leftism.

The Twitter Squabble Continues For Ted Cruz And Seth Rogen:

Soon after Sen. Cruz posted the tweet aiming towards Rogen, another social media quarrel started between them. Both Cruz and Rogen have been throwing jabs against each other on Twitter since the past week. Recently Cruz criticized President Biden for initializing the Paris Climate which Trump rejected in 2019. According to the senator, reentering the Paris Climate is a wrong decision and it will bring harm to the Americans’ livelihood. After Ted Cruz’s post for Rogen on Twitter, soon Rogen hurled another insulting tweet at Cruz.

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Cruz mocked Rogen, who used curse words, calling him an educated civil person. The fight became nastier as Rogen kept calling Ted Cruz a fascist. They also started making personal comments on each other as Rogen called Cruz to be Marxist and a patient of Tourette’s syndrome. Cruz remarked that a lot of people in Hollywood are supporters of extreme leftism.

As the conflict between Ted Cruz and Seth Rogen stems from their difference in political ideology, the trail of tweets exchanged between them is getting popular on social media platforms.

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