You Can Now Instal Games Before Buying Them With The Latest Microsoft Xbox Update

Microsoft Xbox

The latest update for Microsoft Xbox has revealed a much faster and easy access to games by gamers. What’s the worst feeling in the world? Well, maybe not the worst, but one of the worst feelings is to finally get your hands on an exciting game but spend unnecessary hours downloading it. 

Well, it has happened to the best of us. Downloading a game, letting it install, and then waiting for it to patch can take hours. And honestly, it’s super tiring. Our favourite gaming brand just told us to hold its drink. Why? Because, with the latest Microsoft Xbox update, downloading and installing a game will happen before we even make the purchase. 

Although, we have to tell you that this operating system update is still in its beta stage. This beta version is currently available on the Android Microsoft Xbox app. Don’t worry, iOS gamers. The beta version is coming soon to you too. Gamers have informed that they found this feature under the Reset Era Forum. 

You Can Download Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Without Buying It In Microsoft Xbox OS Update

A writer from Lords Of Gaming, Jerko Cilas, tweeted his experience with the Xbox OS beta. He mentioned that this feature was available with currently playable games. It includes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. 

While gamers who digitally buy games have been pre downloading titles as soon as it became available, gamers who buy discs never had this option. It’s a complete game changer for gamers who invest in discs. 

Sony And Microsoft Gaming Strategies Diverge

While Microsoft and Sony had been pretty much mirroring each other in gaming strategies. With the current Xbox Series updates, it looks like Microsoft is focusing more on services than simply selling consoles and games. The Game Pass feature by Microsoft for Xbox Series X and S is one such example. 

Meanwhile, Sony still seems to be sticking with the traditional gaming strategy, which assesses an event’s success from the number of games and consoles sold. 

Microsoft Xbox Series are designed to fit and accommodate Game Pass. 

Game Pass is a feature very much like Netflix. You can play Microsoft Xbox games on your smartphone by subscribing to Game Pass. For an affordable price per month, the subscription gives you access to 100 Xbox Series games a month. It’s clear that Microsoft is focusing on increasing cloud activity rather than just selling games. 

This new update will most like be completely available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that’s releasing this November. However, the news is not confirmed since Microsoft did not respond to questions. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X and S preorders started early this week. Gamers can physically buy them on the 10th of November.