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Friday, June 18, 2021

Your Stimulus Check Is On The Way, Government Announced On Wednesday!

The government announced this wonderful news on Wednesday, that your stimulus check is on the way. Over 2.3M new stimulus payments have already been sent by the IRS. If you are eligible, your stimulus check can come with a maximum amount of $1400/eligible person. Over 2.3M stimulus payments which are valued at more than $4.2 bn are already on the way to eligible Americans. 

Your Stimulus Check Can Also Come With “Plus-Up” Payments!

The payments also include “plus-up” stimulus payments only to those Americans who deserve additional money. However, these plus-up payments will only go to those who have their tax returns of 2020 already processed. Since March, the time when Congress passed the Rescue Plan of America, over 169M stimulus payments valued at around $395 bn have been sent by the IRS.

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The legislation authorized reliefs having a maximum amount of $1400/ person along with $1400/ dependent, or families or individuals who are eligible for that sum under certain mentioned income thresholds along with meeting all the other requirements. Around 1.1M of these new checks, having a total value of over $2.5 bn were “plus-up” stimulus payments. 

Your stimulus payment can also come with this amount if you have already processed your tax returns for 2020. Over 8M of these stimulus payments has already been sent by the IRS. Your stimulus check is also included inside this round of payments. Additionally, over 900,000 stimulus checks having a total value of $1.9 bn will be arriving at individuals filing their tax returns for 2020. These are the individuals who were not registered with the IRS before. You can go to the IRS website if you are missing some amount of money in your stimulus check. 

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