Yuga Labs Redesigning Kennel Club Logo

Yuga Labs

On February 18th, Yuga Labs Co-Founder Greg Solano said that Bored Ape Kennel Club would be redesigning its logo in response to copyright claims made by Easy Drawing Guides.

The Easy Drawing Guidelines picture is shown here together with the BAKC emblem to highlight the similarities between the two. Easy Drawing Guides announced on February 17 that Yuga Labs did not have permission to commercially exploit the company’s “wolf skull drawing.” The BAYC OpenSea profile has been updated to remove the logo after Solano’s comment. According to rumors, he is in communication with the author of Easy Drawing Instructions and the designer of the BAKC emblem.

Yuga Labs Redesigning Logo After IP Theft Allegations

After their release in June 2021, the BAKC NFTs were distributed at no cost to BAYC holders (after deducting gas costs). According to Yuga Laboratories, the proceeds from these aftermarket sales were donated to animal welfare organizations. In support of this claim, Solano stated that “BAKC collected over $1m for animal organizations” through royalties since its establishment.

By saying he had “reached out to the freelancer we engaged for that design,” Solano seemed to deflect part of the criticism for the logo’s design onto the contractor who had been contracted to create it.

At the time of this writing, BAKC has traded 3,185 ETH during the previous 24 hours, placing it fourth on OpenSea’s list of most popular cryptocurrencies. The floor price of the project has also increased, reaching 9 ETH for the first time since January 12th. At this time, we don’t have a good idea of what the new logo will look like. Solano, though, insisted that the entire collection was designed to benefit charitable organizations, adding, “We will introduce the new logo shortly so we can continue to do some good work for charities we care about.”

Yuga Labs has been in the middle of several copyright battles recently, most notably with Ryder Ripps and the makers of RR over their usage of BAYC photos in the RR/BAYC collection.