Zomedica Corp.: Know If ZOM Stock Is A Buy Right Now?


Institutional investors and hedge funds recently finished filing 13Fs, thus revealing their quarter-end equities portfolios containing information till the end of September. According to the value metrics found in those active 13Fs, analysts at Insider Monkey especially considered ZOM stock to be bullish. So, let’s take a detailed look at this sentiment surrounding ZOM stock.

Is NYSE: ZOM stock the right place to invest right now? Investors keeping a track of this stock have recently been bullish about this stock. Analysts report that ZOM stock has featured in a total of 5 hedge funds’ profiles since the third quarter of 2020. While moving into the last quarter, reports suggested that Zomedia Corp. did not fall under the top 30 most popular stocks among hedge funds.

Hedge Funds’ Participation In ZOM Stocks

However, if we want to read more into the participation of hedge funds in ZOM stocks, then it is also important to note that the reputation of hedge funds has diminished over the years as they couldn’t match up to the unhedged returns of other market indices. Up till now, 4 hedge funds have long positions in ZOM stock, a 100% change since the last quarter. Among the largest holders of ZOM stocks, Millennium Management holds close to $0.3 million and Citadel Investment Group holds about $0.1 million. Other big names like Winton Capital Management also seem very bullish on ZOM stocks.

When compared to other stocks, hedge funds’ interest in ZOM stocks is below average. Investment differs by a margin of $2 million. However, ZOM stock is not the least popular stock. Some hedge funds were even right about Zomedia Corp. as the stock recently outperformed the market by returning about 21.8% since the last quarter of 2020.