10 Best Mobile Hacking Apps for Android 2020

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Many people think that hacking applications are suitable only for cybercriminals or teenagers. But what about looking at such tools from a different angle? Did you know that such tools can reduce the risks of hacking your smartphone or Wi-Fi? This is exactly what this article will be about.

Just imagine, according to Juniper Research, a small business invests more than $ 500 in cybersecurity per year. Many would agree that this amount is quite reasonable. But what if you find out that you may save this money, but use hacking apps for android to protect your data?

Here, you will not find information on how to hack a competitor’s LinkedIn profile or email. But you will learn how free phone hacking apps will help you to optimize your Wi-Fi connection, how to prevent data leaks, and how to safely use public Wi-Fi networks. If you are in need of such apps, then you have to discover the 10 Best Mobile Hacking Apps for Android 2020.

Top 10 Hacking Apps That Are Must-Have in 2020

Still in doubt, if you need hacker apps? Such applications have the other side of the coin. They are ideal products for identifying weak points and fixing them. It is vital to understand that apps that are suitable for hacking a Wi-Fi or phone may be used with good intentions too. Each user will be personally responsible for how they use such applications.

It is also important to remember that many tools cannot hack Wi-Fi connections or smartphones that have a high level of protection. But in order to connect to your own smartphone and operate remotely, protect your Wi-Fi connection or hack weak Wi-Fi signals, these tools are quite useful.

The last imperative thing is that the tools that you will get acquainted with next will be effective in protecting your smartphone and Wi-Fi connection from data leakage.

P.S. Most hacking apps violate Google Play or Play Store user agreement. Therefore, you will need to download most of them from other sources. Don’t forget to validate the source.

Let’s take a look at the best apps of this year and learn the key features. After such a review, you will be able to test the ones that best suit your needs.



“Data theft is becoming a common problem, and it is not uncommon for content production companies to face it. Someone loses customer databases, and someone loses content. Therefore, an app like DroidSheep can help identify vulnerabilities and improve the security of networks” – the Best Writers Online team which provides writing services on-demand shared their experience.

It is an open-source product to have unsecured browser sessions. This application allows you to intercept sessions that are made from a specific Wi-Fi connection, especially session interception on social networks and email.

Each user is personally responsible for their actions within this application. Such an app becomes a powerful tool for identity theft in the hands of fraudsters. But in the right hands, this is a good tool that will allow you to identify any network vulnerabilities.

It is important to remember that the main purpose of this application is testing, not data theft. Therefore, you should not use the app for the purposes when there is a risk of harming someone. Therefore, this application will improve the security of your network and eliminate all potential threats. This application is easy to use, but it may be difficult to work when installed on newer versions of Android. In older versions, such difficulties do not arise.

Network Mapper

Network Mapper 
Network Mapper

This is the best Wi-Fi hacker app for Android to gain access to the network that is near you. However, this tool will work in such a way that it will hack the network that is most vulnerable and weak. Another feature of the product is that it will help protect your smartphone’s network and increase privacy. Today, this tool is very famous and is becoming the number one choice among beginners, as everything is very simple.

The software is easy to use and is suitable for those who are new to not only hacking applications but also new to improving the security of connections. With regard to hacking the network, users will receive public algorithms for cracking pin codes. Also, the tool will help you find the optimal zone for using Wi-Fi. The tool can work on any version of Android and not overload the smartphone.

WiFiKiLL Pro 

WiFiKiLL Pro 
WiFiKiLL Pro

This product will allow you to complete all connections to your Wi-Fi network in one click. That is, this application will disconnect all users from the network. The app will allow you to get a list of all users who are connected to the network and also get analytics regarding the work of a Wi-Fi connection. There will be a complete picture of how quickly data and media are loaded.

As for users, not only their quantity but also the usernames will be displayed. This product will act as a router for all users. That is, when users want to connect to Wi-Fi, then you will find out about this and can confirm or reject such a connection. It’s worth mentioning that this app can be used on a tablet.



“It seems to me that every business owner or manager is faced with the fact that if an employee forgets his smartphone at home, all work will stop. It’s easier to send an employee home to pick up the phone than to leave him to do their usual work. Fortunately, today there are many apps that allow you to control your gadgets remotely. Today all my employees have such an application as AndroRAT to control their smartphone in case of an emergency.”- the CEO from the Online Writers Rating custom writing company revealed his secret.

This tool can be thought of as a client application that helps to get remote access for Android. This product is often used by various business owners as it is possible to take full control of the smartphone from their computer. In order to start using this app, you need to install it both on your smartphone and your computer.

This tool allows you to make calls, write messages, and receive them, discover the location of your smartphone, monitor your phone in real-time, and even take a picture. This is not the whole list of what you can do with this app. It is worth emphasizing that this tool will be useful in case of loss of phone or when a person has forgotten it at home but there is a need to resolve vital business issues.



If you are the owner of a Wi-Fi network, then this application will be very relevant to secure your network. That is, the product will allow you to check its security and reject an attack on mobile devices. Such an auditor app is very easy to use but it is still effective. The app will scan the network for security level and signal strength.

This is a good application that will quickly analyze the network,  fix all vulnerabilities, and block MITM attacks. It should be noted that for the full use of the application, there is a need to obtain root rights. The app does not require registration or payment. All you need to do is find a trusted source for download and install the application.

Of course, this application can be used by intruders, but the original mission of this tool is to test the network. After each check, you can get a detailed report that will help to correct any errors or vulnerabilities.

WiFi Password 

Often you need to connect to unfamiliar Wi-Fi, but almost all connections are protected by a pin code. In such situations, this app becomes a real salvation. Many people use this tool solely to hack the network, but this is not the only function of this application.

For example, the app will display many networks that are in the public domain and will help you connect to secure ones even if you do not know the password. Also, in addition to hacking with this tool, you can protect your Wi-Fi, and create a stronger password. The application will monitor the security level and other details of the Wi-Fi connection. The app will automatically scan for connections and detect secure options.

WiFi Inspector 

If you suspect that someone is using your Wi-Fi, then it is very easy to check. This application will let you know if there are any connections to your network and will also help you figure out what these users are doing. The app will check the security of your network and identify vulnerabilities.

The particular advantage of this application is that it can identify intruders. That is, if you are in a public place and decide to use a public Wi-Fi network, then the app will analyze whether there are intruders among the users. This analysis will take only half a minute. It is also worth noting that the tool will work well regardless of the Android version. That is, the tool will not overload the work of a smartphone that runs on an outdated Android base.

WiFi Analyzer 

You can get all the information about the nearest connections in a few clicks. The application will allow you to recover passwords that were previously used for a specific Wi-Fi connection.

The tool will provide a list of networks around you with an indicator of the level of protection. The app is free, and everything works automatically, which makes it easy to use. The main usefulness of this tool is that you will be able to place the router in the most optimal place for efficient work. That is, it will be possible to analyze the level of signals from each point. This is especially true when you need to place the router in the office so that the signal is not interrupted. The same can be done when you see several points of Wi-Fi connections, the tool will help you choose the network that has the best signal.

WiFi Warden 

This application will provide a lot of useful information on how to hack Wi-Fi. With this app, there is no difficulty in hacking the network that is under the pin code. Also, using this tool, you can analyze all the Wi-Fi networks around you. In addition to hacking the network, the application will save all passwords, and later you can reconnect to the Wi-Fi without any problems.

This application is suitable as a security tool for your smartphone, as it will increase the security of your network. This application can be considered one of the best in terms of protecting your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connections.


If you desire a simple solution to control your Wi-Fi, then this tool is the perfect option. The app will allow you to determine who has connected to your network and will also help determine the risks of intrusion into your smartphone. The tool works on the principle of intrusion into the system to provide data on threats.

It should be noted that this application is not the best option for those new to network security testing. This app is more suitable for advanced users. The tool will allow users to analyze the speed of the network, not only Wi-Fi but also the cellular network. The tool will allow you to secure both your home network and is suitable for increasing the security of the net in the office.


Now you know about the most popular android hacks apps. Remember about the responsibility for actions within the application and do not go beyond the law. Also, don’t lose touch with reality. You shouldn’t get upset when the tool fails to hack a highly secured Wi-Fi.

These applications are suitable for enhancing the security of your network and smartphone from cyber attacks. It is recommended to use such tools for everyone who often connects to public Wi-Fi and solves important issues via the Internet. Such tools will allow you to use the Internet safely so start to test any from the list right now.