Austin Godsey Shares a Few Pieces of Life Advice for the People that Look Up to Him

Austin Godsey
Austin Godsey

In two years, Austin Godsey went from living on the streets to becoming a millionaire. From troubled beginnings to now guiding thousands of people in Forex trading, Godsey harnessed the power of network marketing to make his mark in the world. Godsey shares a few pieces of advice for the people that intently listen and follow his words and have also succeeded by implementing them in their lives.

Austin Godsey knows the struggles of a tough childhood. Therefore his words are relatable to the common man because everyone faces similar hurdles in life if not the same.

Austin’s main advice is to never look at where the other person is at. Everyone’s story is different, and one shouldn’t compare their chapter fifteen to someone’s chapter two.

Godsey believes that with great success comes a great number of losses in terms of people and friends around you. So the best plan of action is to keep doing what you were doing earlier and only engage with the people who are genuine and care about you, regardless of your ups and downs in life.

“I keep a small circle. Sometimes when you start chasing your dreams your friends won’t really even start to support you. People WILL act funny when you start attracting more money. So make sure the people around you are WITH you not just with you for an ulterior motive… when you “get there” in the public’s eye you’ll understand… When you start becoming successful and money is coming, EVERY dude wants to go “pop bottles” and chicks come out of the woodwork… Don’t confuse THIRST with SUPPORT,” says Austin.

Lastly, Austin leaves us with the most life-changing and ironically, the simplest of advice, which is, ‘to mind your own business.’

“Stay in your lane, keep your mouth closed, feet on the ground, head in the sky, hustle hard, be patient, tell your family you love them as much as possible, keep God and family first,” Austin concludes with stating that one shouldn’t be afraid of dreaming big. You shouldn’t be afraid of having high dreams, even if it scares you. And folks, this is how people like Austin Godsey go big in this world, by their fearless attitude and sheer willpower.